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Mistakes People Make When Trying to perform a Rodent Control Surrey

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Mistakes People Make When Trying to perform a Rodent Control Surrey

Infestations of rats can cause significant issues in both residential and commercial settings. In addition to being a danger to human health, they can cause extensive property damage. A rat infestation can be dealt with in several ways, but avoiding the frequent pitfalls in rodent control Surrey that might actually make things worse is crucial. 

Failure to specify rat type

The failure to correctly identify the species of rat present is a common starting point for unsuccessful rodent control efforts. Norway rats and Roof rats are the two most prevalent varieties of rats found in buildings.

Roof rats are smaller and more agile than their more prominent and aggressive counterparts in Norway. Since there are many distinct species of rats, it's necessary to identify the species at hand to take appropriate management measures.

Failing to identify and fix entry points

One of the most common errors in rat control is the failure to locate and block off potential entry points. Rats are adept climbers who may find their way into structures through the tiniest openings.

If you want to keep rats out of your building in the future, check the outside for any possible entry spots and then seal them up. This involves looking for gaps beneath doors, holes in walls, and spaces around pipes and wires.

Poisoning as the only means of regulation

If you have a rat problem, don't resort to poison as a last resort. Poison may help eliminate rats, but it is not a permanent solution. Poison can harm humans and animals alike.

And if the rats die in inaccessible regions and the carcasses begin to decay, the situation will only worsen. Getting rid of rats requires a multi-pronged approach that includes exclusion, trapping, and sanitation. Helping hand of professionals can make your task hassle-free and free from illogical errors.

Lack of proper waste management

Another typical error in rat control is inadequate sanitation and waste disposal. Keep all food and rubbish in airtight containers until disposal to prevent attracting rats. Avoid attracting pests by keeping garbage cans covered and bringing in any pet food or bird seed left out. Your leftover food is their favorite place to attack firsthand.

Failure to adopt sustainable measures

Last but not least, failing to establish long-term solutions is a standard error while attempting to eradicate a rat infestation. While urgent measures to contain the problem are essential, so are those designed to keep rats at bay in the long run. This involves continuing to check for rat indicators and keeping the property in good repair.


Infestations of rats are a serious issue, but they can be managed successfully if typical pitfalls are avoided. Professional pest control surrey services can help you get a handle on the infestation and prevent it from spreading. When dealing with rat infestations, remember to put the safety of you and your loved ones first.

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