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Why Store Your Car During Deployment?

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Military car shipping deployment often means leaving behind many personal belongings, including vehicles. Ensuring that your car is stored properly during your absence is crucial for various reasons. Let’s delve into why car storage during deployment is essential.

1. Protecting the Car’s Value

When you leave your car exposed to the elements or in an unsecured location, its value can depreciate rapidly. By choosing the right deployment car storage, you can maintain your vehicle’s resale value. A car that’s well-maintained and stored in an actual storage unit will fetch a better price in the market compared to one left neglected.

2. Avoiding Mechanical Issues

Cars are designed to be driven. Leaving them stationary for extended periods can lead to mechanical problems. Issues like a dead battery, brake fluid leakage, or tire deflation can arise. By storing your car properly during military deployment, you can avoid these potential pitfalls and ensure your vehicle remains in top condition.

3. Security Concerns

The last thing you want during your deployment is to receive news that your car has been stolen or vandalized. A professional storage facility offers security measures that deter theft and vandalism, giving you peace of mind while you’re away serving your country.

4. Environmental Protection

Exposure to harsh weather conditions can damage your car’s exterior and interior. Whether it’s the scorching sun, heavy rain, or snow, these elements can affect your car’s paint, upholstery, and overall condition. Opting for covered parking or an enclosed storage unit can protect your vehicle from environmental damage.

5. Insurance Implications

Many insurance companies offer reduced rates for vehicles that are stored and not in use. By informing your insurance company about your car storage plans during deployment, you might save on premiums. Moreover, some storage facilities might have partnerships with insurance providers, offering additional coverage options.

Exploring Different Car Storage Options

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Choosing the right storage option for your car during deployment is crucial. There are a few options available, each with its advantages and considerations.

1. Leaving With Friends or Family

One of the most cost-effective ways to store your car is to leave it with a trusted friend or family member. They can occasionally run the car, ensuring the battery remains charged. However, this option requires a reliable family member who can take care of the vehicle and address any issues that might arise.

2. Storing on a Military Base

Some military bases offer vehicle storage options for their personnel. This provides immediate access to the car upon return. While it might be a convenient choice, it’s essential to consider the security measures in place and whether the parking lot offers any protection against environmental factors.

3. Professional Car Storage Facilities

Opting for a professional storage facility can be one of the best decisions for your car. These facilities often offer both covered parking and actual storage units, ensuring maximum protection. They also have security measures in place, and some even provide maintenance services, ensuring your car remains in top condition.

4. Temporary vs. Long-term Storage Solutions

Depending on the duration of your deployment, you might need either temporary or long-term car storage. While temporary solutions might be more affordable, long-term storage options often come with added services and better protection for your vehicle.

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Military Car Shipping
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