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What Are the Different Types of Paper Used for Printing Receipts?

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What Are the Different Types of Paper Used for Printing Receipts?

Numerous types of receipt paper are available on the market nowadays & give a wide range of possibilities. However, businesses are mostly unsure of the correct receipt paper because they are unaware of all the types of paper. As a result, we will go through the following topics in this article to provide you with all the appropriate details about receipt papers.

Types of Receipt Paper You Must Be Aware Of

You should be aware of the three most typical varieties of receipt paper before buying one for your business. Thus, we shall discuss all three types of paper in this blog section including thermal paper, wood-free paper, and carbonless paper.

Thermal Receipt Paper

One of the most familiar and commonly used forms of receipt paper on the market is thermal paper. This kind of paper has a unique chemical surface coating that, when subjected to heat, changes the color of the paper. The brightness and smoothness of the surface can also be used to identify the thermal coating on the paper. As a result, the paper's coated side is sometimes referred to as its thermal side.

Because thermal paper receipts don't need to be printed using cartridges or ink, they are easy and affordable to utilize. Audit rolls are another name for thermal paper rolls. Thermal printers, cash registers, and credit card terminals are the main users of this product. The best part is that you may fulfill your business needs by getting the top-quality paper roll size and thermal paper roll size from the correct thermal paper receipt provider. 

Bonded Paper

Bond paper does not have a chemical coating, unlike thermal paper. Bond paper can also be used with thermal transfer printers that employ ribbons, inkjet laser printers, or both. This style of receipt printing paper is available in various sizes that work with various printers. To learn about the advantages bond paper rolls can offer a business, purchase high-quality rolls from good suppliers.

Carbonless Paper

Printing receipts on carbonless paper is another option. The use of carbon paper between the sheets to make numerous copies of a document is no longer necessary.

The same document was copied using carbon paper prior to the invention of carbonless paper. Known as "carbon interleaving," this procedure is used to produce imprints on carbon paper, making it highly messy and insecure as anyone could read it.

When force is applied from a pen or a printer, two types of chemicals react ‘coated front’ and ‘coated back’ that are coated on it and are released from the little view. The carbon receipt paper rolls have three layers as well. 

  1. White-coated back
  2. Canary Coated on the front and back
  3. Pink face coating

How Do You Recognize Paper for a Thermal Receipt Printer?

By scratching the paper's surface with a pointed item or your fingernail, you may quickly identify the paper. The paper will leave black lines when you scratch it because it has a chemical coating on its surface that produces heat.

Additionally, testing a thermal paper on a thermal printer is the most reliable approach to detect a thermal paper. The image or text won't print if the paper isn't thermal.

The most popular forms of paper used to print receipts are thermal ones. However, the current period of digitalization enables convenience exists the primary factor for individuals to switch from traditional receipt papers to electronic receipts. This may also be a good approach, as soon as consumers complete a transaction or make a purchase, they receive a digital receipt.  

Bottom Line

The variety of receipt papers accessible nowadays makes it challenging for customers to select from the available choices. But after reading the information above, you can simply distinguish between all varieties of receipt paper rolls and choose the best one for your needs.

After reading the information in the aforementioned article, we hope that you can easily distinguish between all forms of receipt paper and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Panda Paper Rolls
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