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Spray Tan - Get Natural Tan Like Feeling

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Spray Tan - Get Natural Tan Like Feeling

If you think sunbathing is the only way to get your skin tanned, then its time to burst your bubble. Because there is one more way to achieve the desired tan, and that is through spray tanning.

This sunless method helps you avoid getting sunspots, wrinkles, or dry skin. Principally, you're not putting your skin in direct contact with UV rays, which raises the possibility that you'll get skin cancer.

Now, you may be wondering whether a spray tan can give the same results as sunbathing Good question!

Let's take a look at how spray tanning works to get that perfect beachy, tan glow before you head to salon to receive spray tan NYC.

What is a Spray Tan?

A spray tan is like a fine mist that is sprayed onto the body. A chemical called Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is present in this low-pressure spraying mist, which is absorbed into the top layer of skin cells and results in a chemical reaction that darkens your skin. The best aspect is that this coloring process is secure and has received FDA approval for external use.

Before taking this treatment, make sure you find a shade that suits your complexion. Another thing that you should keep in mind is how that particular shade graduates towards the hands and wrists.

How Does Spray Tanning Work?

You may get a spray tan in several different ways. Some salons give customers the choice of getting sprayed in a booth, where they undress and a fine mist is sprinkled all over their bottom. Other locations will offer spray tan application services using an airbrush tool by a skilled salon professional.

If you have very pale skin and require color in some places, this might be helpful. Additionally, it could be preferable if you go for a spray tan to shape and define particular muscles through the accurate application of your tanner.

At the renowned salons, you’ll find trained professionals who apply an immediate, luxurious, even, and good tan that lasts. They will give you complete privacy and the ideal color every time. They can help you get different skin tones that look really natural.

Spray Tan vs. Self-Tanner - Which is Better?

The main benefit of a spray tan over a self-tanner is that it's a quick and simple approach to achieving an even, full-body tan. Applying a self-tanner by hand leaves more possibility for error, such as streaking, missing a patch, or making dry places appear darker. If you're new to sunless tanning, go to a salon rather than getting it at home, especially if you have an event to attend.

Here are some major benefits of a spray tan that you can expect to see:

●     A streak-free glow: We've all witnessed an unnatural DIY tan. The outcome is not what you had hoped for, whether that is due to inexperience or the tanning formula. Instead, a spray tan booth will provide you with a 100% natural and evenly blended bronze.

●     Enhanced confidence: Your confidence will soar with a flawlessly blended and beach-bronzed body.

●     Customizable color: Natural-looking spray tan doesn't work the same way on everyone, so unless you do a patch test, you can't really predict how your color will turn out. From extremely pale to darker skin tones, the expert tan artist will help you choose the color you want.

●     Time-saving: You’ll step out of the salon with instant color! It just takes a couple of minutes to get a long-lasting and amazing results.


Don’t resist yourself from getting this amazing experience, because that is what you actually need. However, always ensure that you get this treatment from a trusted salon.

Gotham Glow
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