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Rhinoplasty vs Alarplasty: Choosing the Right Nose Procedure

Dr. Debraj Shome
Rhinoplasty vs Alarplasty: Choosing the Right Nose Procedure

When it comes to enhancing one's facial features, the nose often takes centre stage. For individuals seeking to refine their nasal aesthetics, two prominent procedures come into focus- Rhinoplasty and alarplasty. Here find Rhinoplasty vs. Alarplasty plus alarplasty cost in India.

What is Alarplasty Nose Procedure?

Alarplasty, also known as alar base reduction, is a best cosmetic surgical treatment to refine your appearance of the nostrils with its base. Unlike more extensive nose surgeries like Rhinoplasty, alarplasty focuses solely on treating the aesthetics of the nostrils. This procedure is for individuals who are dissatisfied with the width or flare of their nostrils, and seeking a more balanced and slimmer look for their nose.

Ideal Candidates for Alarplasty-

1. Individuals with wide or flared nostrils.

2. Those seeking subtle aesthetic improvements to the nostrils.

3. Individuals who want to maintain the overall shape and structure of their nose while refining the nostril area.

4. Individuals in good overall health who have realistic expectations about the outcomes of the procedure.

Rhinoplasty VS Alarplasty Details


Rhinoplasty - Surgical procedure to reshape and enhance the entire nose, including the bridge, tip, and nostrils.

Alarplasty - Surgical procedure focused on reshaping and refining the nostrils, specifically the alar (nostril) area.


Rhinoplasty -

1. Incisions made inside or outside the nose, depending on the desired changes.

2. Cartilage and bone may be modified.

3. Skin is re-draped for a new nose shape.

Alarplasty -

1. Small incisions made at the base of the nostrils.

2. Excess tissue is removed.

3. No changes to nasal bones or overall nose shape.


Rhinoplasty - Generally done under general or local anaesthesia, depending on complexity.

Alarplasty - Usually performed under local anaesthesia with sedation.

Recovery Time

Rhinoplasty - Longer recovery period (1-2 weeks) with potential bruising and swelling.

Alarplasty - Shorter recovery time (5-7 days) with minimal bruising and swelling.


Rhinoplasty - Possible external scarring, especially for open Rhinoplasty.

Alarplasty - Minimal scarring, typically concealed within the nostrils.

Ideal Candidates

Rhinoplasty - Individuals looking to alter the size, shape, or functionality of their entire nose.

Alarplasty - Individuals with wide or flared nostrils seeking subtle aesthetic changes.

Before and After

Rhinoplasty - Noticeable changes in the entire nose structure. Dramatic results.

Alarplasty - Subtle changes limited to the nostril appearance. Natural look.

Risks and Complications

Rhinoplasty - Infection, bleeding, asymmetry, breathing issues, dissatisfaction with results.

Alarplasty - Infection, scarring, over-correction, dissatisfaction with results.


Rhinoplasty - Typically more expensive due to the complexity of the procedure.

Alarplasty - Generally more affordable as it is a less complex procedure.


Rhinoplasty - Longer procedure (1-3 hours) due to comprehensive nose reshaping.

Alarplasty - Shorter procedure (30 minutes to 1 hour) focused on nostril refinement.


Alarplasty Cost in India

Type of Alarplasty

Approximate Cost in India

Traditional Alarplasty

₹25,000 - ₹40,000 or more

Closed Alarplasty

₹25,000 - ₹45,000 or more

Open Alarplasty

₹35,000 - ₹50,000 or more

Alar Rim Alarplasty

₹20,000 - ₹35,000 or more

Combination Procedures

Cost varies depending on additional procedures.



Alarplasty cost in India offers a subtle yet effective range with a way to enhance the appearance of the nostrils helping individuals achieve a more balanced look for their nose without the need for extensive nasal surgery.

Dr. Debraj Shome
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