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Unsolved Murders Forgotten Over Time

Unsolved Murders Forgotten Over Time

Murders and mysteries have a way of intriguing our minds – captivating our imaginations, leaving us with a trail of questions. The Western world has seen its fair share of murders over the course of time, some of which remain unsolved to this day – perplexing the police and the interested public.

Although reasonable steps were taken to solve such puzzling mysteries, some remain forgotten. Why were they forgotten? And will they ever be solved or fade away with the passage of time?

The Murder of James Phillip Brooks

Across Wheeler County, through the many cattle ranches, muddy streets, and taverns, the question of who killed James Phillip Brooks has echoed for a long time. The young cowboy was shot in 1994, but his murderer, to this day, remains a mystery.

Even though it stirred many ears, the case never made its way to the mainstream media, which would have forced investigators to find the truth timely. Today, numerous speculations and suspects can be found, but it seems like we shall never know.

Who, out of the 460 people of this town, killed this young man nearly a decade ago? Was it a personal grudge? Or a hunting trip gone bad? Some shady business he was involved in?

This unsolved murder is not too unlike the mystery of the missing son that the three amateur sleuths from WASHED UP: A SW Desert Mystery stumble upon. When they find a mother’s missing journals in an abandoned ranch, they begin questioning their findings. They also come across a mysterious log washed up by a flash flood and believe it is connected to the missing son.

The Cold Case of Bernard “Cowboy” Hopkins

In 1989, the body of Bernard “Cowboy” Hopkins was found in a trailer in Gallatin County. The murder mystery has perplexed the interested onlookers for over 30 years.

Almost 33 years later (mind it, it is a very long time), when the alleged killers were set to go on trial, the case was once again delayed indefinitely. Will Bernard Hopkins ever find justice? Or will the investigators once again give up?

The Tale of the Missing Son

In WASHED UP: A SW Desert Mystery by Patricia Dustman, we are introduced to three friends to whom the words murder and mystery sound similar to adventure. When a mysterious log finds its way to RJ and Claire’s home and a mysterious shootout in the desert is heard, the duo sets out to find the answers to all their questions.

But little do they know, their simple, adventurous trip will unveil some dark secrets. As they set to seek the truth of the mysterious occurrences, they find themselves in a seemingly abandoned ranch.

What do they find there?

A series of mysteries. Is it answers – or maybe it is questions?

How are the series of mysteries connected? And will the trio be able to find the hidden answers? Will the missing son find the long-awaited justice?

Find out in WASHED UP: A SW Desert Mystery.

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