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Indoor Plants for Office: Creative Ideas to Build a Greener Workspace

The Green Corner
Indoor Plants for Office: Creative Ideas to Build a Greener Workspace

Tired of the monotonous look of your office? Want to add some cheer and bolster the productivity of your team members? If yes, you can buy plants online in Singapore and transform the overall look and feel of your workplace. Read on to explore the benefits of indoor plants and creative ideas to decorate them. Let’s dive in! 



Benefits of Indoor Plants in the Workplace:


·        Lowers Stress


Did you know that more than 76 per cent of employees in Singapore experience stress at least once a week? (https://hr.asia/top-news/increased-responsibility-the-top-source-of-stress-for-singapore-employees/#:~:text=Over%2073%25%20of%20Singapore%20workers,a%20general%20average%20of%2035%25.) Yes, that’s true! Stress can have a negative impact on the health of employees and result in frequent absenteeism. If you are looking for a way to cheer up the mood of your team members, adding some greenery to the office can be a great idea. Introducing plants helps lower stress and anxiety levels and creates a relaxing atmosphere. 


  • Boosts Productivity


Several studies show that employees perform better when they are surrounded by greenery. Don’t believe it? Buy plants online in Singapore and add them to your office to see the results yourself. Investing in indoor plants can improve the memory of the employees and enhance their focus and concentration levels. As a result, their productivity is sure to increase, thereby bringing in more profits for your business.


  • Increases Creativity


Are your team members falling short of creative ideas? Consider adding a few plants to the office space. It is truly fascinating to see how it can help your team draw inspiration and become more innovative in their thoughts. Nature has the potential to relax the minds of people and enhance the processing mode of the brain.


Top Ideas to Incorporate Indoor Plants in the Office Space:


  • Use Potted Plants

Potted plants are indeed a versatile option for any workplace. You can easily place them on your office table or desk. However, if you are looking for a more substantial presence, consider placing them on the floor. It can revive the workplace environment and reestablish the lost connection with nature.


  • Add Hanging Plants


If you want to introduce a touch of ethereal beauty in your workplace, suspending the hanging plants is an excellent idea. Look for the trailing plants gracefully cascading downwards and creating a captivating view. When it comes to hanging plants, you can opt for succulents like Ceropegia woodi to evoke a sense of harmony and wonder in your office.


  • Try Plant Accumulation


Why settle for a solitary plant when you can create botanical wonders? Try combining plants of different shapes, sizes, and colours. Make sure that the colour of the indoor plants perfectly complements your interiors. Unleash your creative side and create an awe-inspiring office, full of greenery and colours. It will not only enhance the vibe of your workplace but also create a calming atmosphere. 



Does your office require a little more oomph? If yes, it is time to invest in the lively green mood boosters. Buy plants online in Singapore and bring about a change in the way your team members work and feel in the office. 

The Green Corner
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