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How to Get Mobile Roadworthy Certificate in Gold Coast?

Julie Franklin
How to Get Mobile Roadworthy Certificate in Gold Coast?

Mobile roadworthy certificate Gold Coast

Are you in need of a mobile roadworthy certificate in Gold Coast? Whether you are selling your vehicle or need to register a newly purchased one, a roadworthy certificate is essential. In this guide, we will take you through the process of obtaining a mobile roadworthy Gold Coast, including the requirements and steps involved. This certificate confirms that your vehicle is in a suitable condition to be driven on the roads, ensuring the safety of both you and others.

Importance of a mobile roadworthy certificate in Gold Coast

Before we dive into the process, let's first discuss why a mobile roadworthy certificate is important in Gold Coast. This certificate is required by law when selling or re-registering a vehicle in Queensland. It serves as a guarantee that your vehicle meets the necessary safety standards and is roadworthy. Visit our website for more information - https://www.instantmobilerwc.com.au/

By obtaining a mobile roadworthy certificate, you are not only complying with the law, but you are also ensuring the safety of yourself, your passengers, and other road users. It gives you peace of mind, knowing that your vehicle has been thoroughly inspected and is in a safe condition to be driven.

Requirements for a mobile roadworthy certificate

In order to obtain a mobile roadworthy certificate in Gold Coast, there are specific requirements that need to be met. These requirements include:

  • Valid identification: You will need to provide a valid form of identification, such as a driver's license or passport, to prove your identity.
  • Vehicle registration documents: You must have the current vehicle registration documents, as the inspector will need to confirm ownership.
  • Safe and operational condition: Your vehicle should be in a safe and operational condition, with all the necessary components functioning properly. This includes brakes, steering, lights, tires, and more.

It is important to note that a mobile roadworthy certificate only covers the basic safety requirements of your vehicle. It does not guarantee the overall condition or performance. Additional inspections may be required if you suspect any issues beyond the scope of a standard roadworthy inspection.

Steps to get a mobile roadworthy certificate in Gold Coast

Now that we are aware of the importance and requirements of a mobile roadworthy certificate, let's walk through the steps involved in obtaining one in Gold Coast:

Step 1: Find a licensed inspector

The first step is to find a licensed inspector who is authorized to issue mobile roadworthy certificates. The Gold Coast Transport and Main Roads website provides a list of licensed inspection stations.

Step 2: Make an appointment

Once you have identified a licensed inspector, contact them to schedule an appointment for the inspection. It is important to book in advance to ensure availability and to avoid any delays in obtaining your certificate.

Step 3: Prepare your vehicle

Prior to the inspection, it is recommended to prepare your vehicle to increase the chances of passing the roadworthy inspection. Check the following components:

  • Brakes: Ensure they are working properly and not worn out.
  • Tires: Check the tread depth and ensure they are in good condition.
  • Lights: Make sure all headlights, taillights, indicators, and brake lights are functional.
  • Windscreen and windows: Ensure they are free from cracks and are not obstructing the driver's view.
  • Mirrors: Adjust and clean all mirrors for clear visibility.
  • Horn: Test the horn to ensure it is working correctly.
  • Seats and seatbelts: Ensure all seats are securely fastened and seatbelts are functional.

Step 4: Attend the inspection

On the scheduled date and time, bring your vehicle to the licensed inspector for the roadworthy inspection. The inspector will thoroughly examine your vehicle, checking all the necessary components and systems to ensure compliance with the roadworthy standards.

If your vehicle passes the inspection, the inspector will issue a mobile roadworthy certificate on the spot. In case any issues are identified, the inspector will provide a detailed report outlining the required repairs or replacements. You will then need to rectify the identified issues and arrange for a re-inspection.

Step 5: Receive the mobile roadworthy certificate

Once your vehicle has passed the roadworthy inspection, the inspector will hand over the mobile roadworthy certificate to you. This certificate is an official document that verifies the roadworthiness of your vehicle and is required for selling or re-registering it in Gold Coast.


Obtaining a mobile roadworthy certificate in Gold Coast is a straightforward process that ensures your vehicle meets the necessary safety standards. By following the steps outlined in this guide and meeting the requirements, you can obtain the certificate with ease. Remember, it is important to prioritize road safety and comply with the law for the well-being of yourself and others.

Julie Franklin
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