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Best AI Test Automation Tool For Agile

Best AI Test Automation Tool For Agile

Navigating Testing Challenges for New Ventures with Webomates CQ

As easy as it may sound, starting a new venture, especially when it comes to application development and testing, is filled with multiple challenges and roadblocks. New infrastructure, new development and testing tools and technologies, new partnerships, new customer segments, unknown costs — this complex terrain is uncharted.

Testing Challenges for New Ventures

Customer preferences are ever-changing. And new ventures must be agile and scalable in order to guarantee good user experience. That means, your development and testing teams must be agile and quick to respond to feedback.

Some of the common challenges faced by new ventures are:

  • Low Production Quality: Working on new feature developments in a short sprinted Agile framework and releasing them to the end users with limited regression translates to False sense of Quality — leading to usability and customers’ dissatisfaction.
  • Limited resources: Due to limited budgets and smaller teams, the quality of testing could be compromised.
  • Time constraints: A rush to release features quickly can lead to inadequate testing.
  • Lack of expertise: End-to-end testing requires domain experts
  • Lack of scalability: Automation does not automatically scale with growth
  • Testing Tools and Infrastructure: Acquiring and managing the testing tools and infrastructure can be very expensive leading to budget constraints.
  • Lack of Continuous Testing: Implementing testing in line with a fast-paced development cycle can be a significant challenge.

Rethink your business with Webomates

When competition is fierce, your success depends on your level of innovation and time to market. So, how can teams make the most of today’s unique opportunities, while mitigating the accompanying risks?

Cloud testing has become an urgent imperative for creating a sustainable advantage for teams, as it can ensure resilience, faster customer feedback, speed, and overall cost reduction.

Our goal…

Making sure applications don’t just ‘work’ but are defect-free and deliver seamless user experience.

Our Solutions…

Explore how high-impact intelligent test automation solutions can enhance your processes and boost your team’s productivity.

Your benefits…

Webomates comprehensive portfolio of solutions and services is designed to help you rethink the complexity of modern testing and unlock new levels of performance, like:

Features that help Webomates stand out among the Automation Testing Tools/Services are:

  • Modern Testing

Having attained the AWS DevOps competency status helps Webomates embrace DevOps. Its Continuous Testing solution helps accelerate your team’s feature velocity and ensure rapid and frequent quality releases.

  • Test case-based testing with exploratory testing

As test case-based testing follows a predefined script, there are chances that a bug may not fall in the script’s scope. When you combine the strengths of exploratory testing on top of test cases, you expand the scope of the test ensuring you uncover all defects.

  • Quick Regressions

Each release of a new product or enhancement to an existing release increases the complexity of testing and effective regression testing can greatly mitigate the business risk.

  • AI Healing

Did you know that 80% of the testing time goes in maintaining the automation? Our patent pending AI-Healing uses AI and ML algorithms to dynamically adjust their behavior based on the changing environments. The system can identify the false positives and also self-heal the false positives without human intervention and run the test within the same cycle. Remarkably, this entire AI healing healing process takes just hours, not days or weeks. And the automation is always up to date.

  • Accelerated Feature Velocity

Feature velocity gives an indication of how fast new features can be added to a product. Story points to measure the team’s current and expected deliveries. Automating the test case generation and execution process allows testing teams to focus on more critical and complex test scenarios, thereby increasing the team’s feature velocity.

  • Smart and Auditable Reporting

Our smart reporting includes detailed testing results and comprehensive analysis along with actionable triaged defects. This provides the stakeholders with a deeper understanding of the testing results, making it easier to make data-driven informed decisions and prioritize actions.

This is particularly useful across industries with strict compliance requirements, such as healthcare or finance, where a clear audit trail of all testing activities is necessary for regulatory and compliance purposes.

Client Success Stories

Our scale of collaboration and testing capabilities enable us to address vulnerabilities quickly or prevent them entirely. We have 9 patented AI tools and human expertise always at hand to help you. We have helped our esteemed clients achieve tremendous benefits by implementing these solutions.

  • We helped Rackspace Technology, Inc. test 14 IT applications on browsers, mobile, and API. They observed a remarkable 90% reduction in year-over-year production defects, coupled with an impressive 11-fold increase in feature velocity.
  • We enabled TMRW to begin testing the MVP of its Automated Cryo Specimen Management Platform for IVF. The auditable reports generated by our platform facilitated the achievement of FDA approval for their product.
  • Webomates has successfully completed SBIR Phase 1 and Phase 2 with the US Airforce, by demonstrating the ability to help organizations achieve scalability and agility while overcoming the typical traditional testing bottlenecks.

Take the first step, make the move!

Despite recent major advancements in AI technologies, only a few teams have made use of them. Adopting AI and ML-powered automation solutions will drastically transform your operations because they offer such a wide range of benefits related to Intelligent Automation.

AI is there to help you increase your efficiency! Introduce your team to AI Testing for improved efficiency and speed up your software delivery!

Please reach out to us at [email protected] to learn more about our AI-powered software testing solutions and how it can help you improve your business outcomes!

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