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Prepping Your Pup: How to Prepare Your Dog for Travel Boarding

Matt Elledge
Prepping Your Pup: How to Prepare Your Dog for Travel Boarding

Hey fellow Texas dog lovers! If you're anything like me, the thought of leaving your furry sidekick behind while you hit the road can be a tad nerve-wracking. Whether you're catching a concert in Austin, attending a family reunion in Waco, or just exploring the beauty of Dripping Springs, ensuring your pup's comfort is paramount. So, how do we make sure our four-legged pals are ready for their own little vacation at a travel boarding facility? Let's dive in:

A Little Recon Mission:

Before you drop off your fur-baby in bustling Killeen or the peaceful nooks of Buda, why not take a little trip together? Let them explore, meet the folks who'll be looking after them, and maybe even make a new doggo friend or two. It's like letting them know, "Hey, this place is cool!"

Home Away From Home:

Remember that worn-out tennis ball or the slightly chewed-up blanket they can't sleep without? Pack it in! Familiar items can make a world of difference in a new place.

Health First:

Whether you're heading to the historic streets of Georgetown or the lakeside views of Lakeway, ensure your pup's health records are up-to-date. It's not just about ticking boxes; it's about ensuring every tail-wagging guest is safe and sound.

Foodie Alert:

If your dog has a palate that's more San Marcos gourmet than generic kibble, make sure the boarding facility knows. Pack their favorite munchies and maybe even slip in a treat or two for good behavior.

A Little Brush-Up:

A quick training refresher never hurt. And if you're scratching your head thinking, "Where do I start?", I've got a gem for you: The Hill Country Dog Trainer. Trust me, Matt's magic touch will have your pup ready for their boarding adventure in no time.

Goodbyes are Hard, But...:

Take a deep breath, give your pup an extra-long hug, and reassure them (and maybe yourself) that it's just a short break. They'll be having their own fun, and you'll be back before they know it!

So, whether you're from San Antonio, Round Rock, or any corner of our great state, remember: prepping your pup for travel boarding is all about love, care, and a touch of Texas spirit. Safe travels, y'all!

Matt Elledge
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