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Debunking the Myths Around Sports Massage by Therapists

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Debunking the Myths Around Sports Massage by Therapists

Numerous misconceptions have discouraged people from approaching therapists for sports massage. Let us demystify the two most common ones by taking you closer to reality.

Everyone who is physically active, be it a gym-goer or a casual runner, experiences injuries once in their lifetime. Sports massage by therapists is not only reserved for them but also for others who may undergo them. By focusing on soft tissue manipulation, it plays a crucial role in aiding recovery. Did you know that runner Paavo Nurmi, popularly called the “Flying Finn” once underwent the cure during the 1924 Olympics and bagged five gold medals?

Despite its worldwide recognition, people harbour a few misconceptions about it. One such myth is that sports massage induces pain and leaves athletes apprehensive about trying it. Given this potential discomfort, many feel discouraged. Therefore, the article today aims to reveal the truth.

Sports Massage – An Introduction

The path to dispelling myths around sports massage commences with a clear definition. So, let’s begin. Sports massage is a therapy that mobilises soft tissue, eases pain and is rendered through techniques such as kneading, trigger pointing, effleurage, wringing and hacking. It causes relaxation of the muscular-skeletal system to relieve one of muscular tension. It has improved the physical condition of many athletes and facilitated their recovery.

The treatment accompanies various benefits, most of which are physiological but extend to psychological as well. It prevents injuries, improves endurance, works on flexibility, enhances performance and heals sports injuries.

Myth 1: Sports massage sessions are painful

The belief among athletes that sports massage inflicts pain during the session often daunts them from approaching the clinic for treatment. Although a part of it is true with techniques like deep pressure on certain areas inflaming the pain, therapists can always adjust the pressure to meet individual comfort and tolerance. The key to avoiding such instances is communication. Sports massage therapists are experienced in their profession. They know about the limits of the human body and adapt their approaches to suit it. If you wish for a comfortable experience, be vocal about your preferences and discuss your concerns in advance.

The discomfort that still may arise during the session will mostly be due to muscle stiffness. However, it’s no pain, only an irritation. Once the treatment is undergone, you will be free of muscle tension and feel relaxed. Lastly, to address the myth: sports massage incites pain, but a therapist can always cause the discomfort to subside to a manageable limit.

Myth 2: Post-sessions are equally agonising

Athletes often complain of soreness post-massage. There is some truth in it, but it’s not uncommon. However, the level is mild, and of course, not how they paint a picture of it. As the body releases tension in response to soft tissue manipulation, it is a normal phenomenon to feel achy. But there is a vast difference between severe pain and soreness, and those encountered post-session are certainly not the prior.

If therapists are to put in words about the experience after a sports therapy massage, they will describe it to be temporary and akin to muscle soreness post-strenuous workouts. Expect it to alleviate within a couple of days. In fact, the mild pain that an athlete or non-athlete endures after the session is an indication that blood flow has suddenly improved. It’s a sign that the body is naturally healing.

Therapists often advise light stretching, rest and hydration to counter post-massage soreness. If one can listen to them, benefits like improved muscle flexibility, enhanced recovery and lower muscle tension shall flow in.

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