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Government Jobs Craze In India. How it is affecting Indian Youth

Sumit Sharma
Government Jobs Craze In India. How it is affecting Indian Youth

Government Jobs craze is the biggest problem among Indian youth. It is affecting Indian youth thinking capability and Indian youth start preparing for these competitive government jobs by influence by society, marketing strategies by coaching and so on. In this article we discuss both the problem and the solution.

Government Job Craze in India

 No Doubt in India,Government Jobs Craze In India. How it is affecting Indian Youth Articlesyouth are more attractive towards government job in comparison to private sector. In India most of the parents want their children to compete for government job examination. Now this type of mindset is not originated in modern world, this is a traditional mindset which affected Indian youth a large in number.

Now Questions arrives

Why are Indian Youth fond of government job in comparison to other jobs?

The answer is simple

The Job Security.

High Salary in starting.

Medical allowance.

Children tuition fees given by government.

Travel Allowance.

Home Allowance.

Most important high respect and recognition in the society.

Less work or responsibility in some jobs.

More comfortable job and fewer challenges.


So these are all benefits told by everyone in our society and we also consider these benefits useful for us without knowing the truth. Most of the students or aspirants are not aware or we can say they are confused with their career by not knowing the goal, ambition of their life.

Mostly middle class or economically weaker aspirants are more interested toward public sector (govt. job). This is a dream job for any aspirants who are preparing for SSC, Banking, Railways, UPSC, and Defense.

In India it is very common, if you look into a small area in a society you will find a large number of aspirants who are preparing for sarkari naukari.

Job Security

The present situation also influence and give the right answer, how job security is matter most in India. People understand the importance of job security. In Government job nobody can terminate the employee that much easy in comparison to private jobs.

Due to this Indian youth do not take risk to start their own business or to become an entrepreneur. They love to be live in their comfort zone.

High Respect and Recognition in the society

From childhood parents or society started influence their children about the power of public servants and also told about bribe system. They told about the rank of the officer and also told how 3 stars on your uniform can change your life.

So this is all about the craze of government job in India.

Now moving towards the reality of government job aspirants’ face in their life and no one is talking about this. 

I just explained and also given you the point on fond of youth for govt. job. So now the truth is, you will get all this benefit when you clear the exam which is highly competitive as comparison to other exams. Now nobody is telling you about the truth behind this trap.

Every year Lakhs of aspirants apply for this competitive exam and the vacancy is very less. Like I give you the example of SSC more than 20 lakhs apply for this job, 9 lakhs candidate take the exam but the vacancy is 5000 only. Now Railway NTPC and Group D, the total numbers of aspirants who apply for this job were 2.5 crores and the vacancy were 35000 in NTPC and around 100000 in Group D.


Clearly if you are preparing for govt. job, you are part of rat race. Candidates become a part of this race because they are not aware of, or we can say that they start preparing for these exam after being influence by the society, friend, video they see on YouTube or other social media platforms, and ads they saw on their smart phone.

These are simple marketing strategies used by coaching. By showing the banner or poster of their student who passed the exam and coaching target aspirants by marking quotes “You would be the next”. This is the attractive quotes which destroying our future and present generation a lot.

These affecting aspirant or especially Indian parents mindset, and simply indicating how important and easy for an aspirant to get a govt. job by joining their online classes or offline batches.

But the problem with the coaching center is they are actually not sharing, how many students prepared for government job in their coaching at that particular year and how many actually qualify this exam from all the students. What is the success percentage of their institute over the entire student?

The aim of coaching centre is only to get money from the candidate by not given the proper guidance and not telling the aspirants whether this field is for them or not?

Please do not waste your time, efforts, and money in this coaching centre, the owner of these institutes living a luxurious life with your parent’s money.

Now, what is the solution for this problem?

The solution is simple career counseling.

Coaching centre should hire a career counselor because it is very important for students and in case if coaching centre do not hire, it may be the responsibility of parents or students to take an advice from career counselor, if they really don’t want to waste their time and money in this competition.

Coaching and faculty does not get free from their responsibility by blaming student that “Today generation is not that much serious about their career and studies” or blaming government by saying that “Government is not giving proper vacancy”.

It’s a request, parents should understand the importance of career counseling, and they waste lots of money in coaching and not doing what exactly good for student or their children. I think there is a phobia for career counseling in India. We live in a modern world and modern world needs modern solutions. 

At Last Government Job Craze is good if you really passionate about it and you have that much of patience, knowledge, dedication and consistency to qualify this exam and most important you are not influence by marketing strategies of these coaching.

Most important thing “takes action by doing what you really want to do for yourself and for your parents”.

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Sumit Sharma
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