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Candidate Experience Downfalls In 2023 and How to Fix Them

Navjot Kaur
Candidate Experience Downfalls In 2023 and How to Fix Them

Let’s begin by answering a few big questions. What is the candidate's experience? Why are organizations willing to invest time, effort, and resources to make sure that the applicants experience nothing short of a positive candidate experience? Why do modern recruiters focus on ways to curb the repercussions of negative candidate experience? 

What is the Candidate's Experience?

Candidate Experience is how a job applicant perceives the organization from the minute they search for the company on the web to the minute they are either given the offer letter or denied it. If we assume that the entire hiring process is a roadmap and the destination is to either hire or reject the candidate, a relationship of trust can be built at each milestone. 

The common saying “first impression is the last impression” proves to be true in the recruitment scenario. Instances like, a candidate experiencing repetitiveness or confusion while filling in the job application, not only hampers the employer's brand value and image but eventually leads to a reduced pool of highly skilled applicants. This is because, in all likelihood, they may leave the form mid-way due to frustration. 

In resonance with the above, all there is left to understand is: How Can We Fix This?

It is achievable and the simple solution, or as it may sound, is Positive Candidate Experience

and Oracle HCM user companies can now make this happen. Here’s how:

  • Once a resume has been uploaded by the candidate, it makes sure that more than 30+ fields are auto-populated, needing limited or no room for repetitiveness in filling in the details already mentioned in the resume. 
  • The resume can be parsed in more than 30+ languages which encourages global hiring. 
  • It offers a one-click solution to the users. Candidates can apply with one click, and the parser, reducing the job application process to under 40 seconds from 20-25 minutes. 
  • Bias-causing fields are automatically eliminated and screening takes place only based on relevant skills and qualifications.

How Can This Benefit You?

Given that the applicant is now happy and satisfied with the hiring process where application fields are being auto-populated, the time taken to finish the application is remarkably low, the interface is user-friendly, and there is no need to change the language or format of the resume, the candidate will not drop off mid way increasing job application rate. 

In the end, if a candidate is not hired, they would still want to re-apply in the same organization because of the Positive Candidate Experience. Word of mouth has been the oldest yet the most effective way of branding. A positive candidate experience ensures that along with the brand image of the organization, the talent pool also rises.


In summary, prioritizing a positive candidate experience is important in the hiring journey. Various available recruitment solutions in Oracle HCM streamline applications, reduce time, and eliminate biases. This not only boosts efficiency but also enhances the employer brand.

Navjot Kaur
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