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What Kind of Natural Ingredients Does Ahuru Use in Their Scented Candle-Making Process?

What Kind of Natural Ingredients Does Ahuru Use in Their Scented Candle-Making Process?

Walking into the quaint studio space of Ahuru candles, one is immediately struck by the calming aromas wafting through the air. Rolls and rolls of wax in various colors line the walls, jars of fragrant essential oils sit on tidy shelves, and bundles of freshly dyed wicks await their fragrant partners.

Here, the magic happens — where carefully sourced natural ingredients are lovingly crafted into soothing Scented Candles and aromatic products.

Sustainable Soy Wax For Relaxed Mood

The base of any Ahuru candle is their sustainable soy wax. As the name implies, this wax is derived from soybeans — a renewable resource. Soy wax burns cleanly and produces a soft, gentle light perfect for setting a relaxed mood.

Its high melting point means the candles won’t melt or deform easily with regular use. Best of all, soy wax is biodegradable and produces less toxic fumes than paraffin wax when burned.

Pure Essential Oils In Varied Flavors

Where would an aromatherapy candle be without its heart and soul — the potent yet calming essential oils? Ahuru only uses the finest, therapeutic-grade essential oil blends in their products.

These oils are carefully distilled from naturally fragrant plants like lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint and more. They provide not only a lovely scent but research-backed wellness benefits as well. Every oil goes through strict quality control to ensure purity and optimum aroma.

Natural Dyes And Adornments For Soothe Aroma

For Scented Candles that soothe scent and sight, Ahuru enhances their soy wax creations with natural dyed wicks and occasionally wood or botanical elements. Their wicks are hand-dyed with vegetal colorants rather than artificial dyes.

Wood wicks are also sometimes used to create a mesmerizing flickering flame effect. Finishing touches like dried flower petals or seed pods nestled inside add an extra element of visual interest and ritual.

Non-Toxic Packaging For Sustainable Packaging

Aromatherapy products and Aromatic Diffusers don’t just start and end with the products themselves. Ahuru understands the importance of sustainable packaging that does not introduce unwanted chemicals into a user’s home.

All their candle jars, bags, boxes, Pine Candle and more are constructed from recyclable materials like glass and paper. No plastics are used unless necessary. Even shipping materials are chosen with the environment in mind.

Artisinal Production For High Quality Product

Behind every Ahuru product is a team of true artisans who pour their heart and care into perfecting natural candle-making techniques along with Fidget Ring in NZ products. Small batches are lovingly crafted by hand, from mélange to running to labeling.

There is no automation — just skill and passion. This level of artisanal production allows Ahuru to produce high-quality, hand-poured candles with exceptionally long burn times using premium ingredients. Customers can feel good knowing they are also supporting Ahuru through their purchases.

Ultimately, Ahuru’s commitment to purity, wellness, sustainability, and artisanal techniques truly sets them apart. Using natural, non-toxic ingredients and production methods, they can offer customers candles and aromatic home products.

It enhances spaces through beautiful scents that nourish the body and relax the mind through the inherent therapeutic properties of pure essential oils. It’s a holistic approach that considers the connections between well-being, scent, and the environment — truly fit for today’s conscious consumer.


Ahuru believes self-care should be easy, effective, and kind to our planet. That’s why they use only the finest natural ingredients and assure minimal environmental impact through sustainable practices from wax to packaged products. Whether seeking relaxation after a long day or natural home fragrance, their artisanal candles offer a chance to nurture well-being on multiple levels — for oneself and Mother Nature.

Browse Ahuru’s sustainably crafted candles, diffusers, jewelry, and more today from www.ahurucandles.co.nz. Discover scintillating essential oil blends like calming lavender and bright lemongrass, or try mood-lifting gift sets perfect for any occasion. Feelgood aromatherapy has never been more effortless to bring home.

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