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Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

Air Generation Air Conditioning

Ducted Air Conditioning Systems are ideal for both new homes and upgrades. These systems hide the indoor units in your roof cavity and deliver cooled air via a network of ducts, giving a discreet and aesthetic look.

These systems offer multiple cooling options such as single zone or multi-zone. These are ideal for large double story homes and can be controlled by a simple push button controller in high traffic areas of the property.

1.       Energy Efficiency

Ducted air conditioning systems have an excellent energy efficiency rating & use less power than the equivalent size split system. This is because they are designed to cool entire spaces rather than a single room.

Additionally Ducted Air Conditioning Systems can have a high level of control, so it is possible to only cool rooms that are being used. This prevents energy waste by cooling unoccupied rooms & helps everyone enjoy a comfortable environment.

They also have the benefit of only using one outdoor unit, which takes up far less space than a series of individual split system units. They also don’t lose energy through duct leaks like split systems do. These leaks can lead to a significant drop in performance, increasing the overall cost of running the system.

2.       Control

Ducted air conditioning systems feature zoning capabilities, which allows you to control the temperature of each zone. This system lets you cool or heat only the areas you’re using and prevents energy waste by shutting off zones that aren’t being used.

This control helps to lower your energy bills and save on power usage. It’s also more convenient than cooling an entire home or space with multiple wall units that need to be switched on and off throughout the day.

Additionally, ducted systems are quieter than split systems and can be integrated with smart technology. This provides a level of comfort and convenience that’s highly sought after by potential buyers.

3.       Flexibility

Cool your property in an instant with a powerful air conditioning solution that’s easy to control. Cooling the whole property at the touch of a button means you’ll never have to worry about cooling individual rooms with wall units that require regular maintenance and space for installation.

Ducted systems use a network of ducts that run through ceilings and walls to distribute cool air throughout your property. This makes them more aesthetically appealing than traditional split system air conditioners, which tend to stick out like a sore thumb.

They also have the added flexibility of zone control, which allows you to shut off areas that aren’t in use for energy savings. This can be particularly beneficial in homes with multiple living spaces or bedrooms.

4.       Value

Ducted air conditioning systems require a higher upfront investment than split system ACs, but are often more cost-effective in the long run. This is due to their efficiency and ability to cool a larger area.

They also allow for zoning, so you can cool areas of your home that are most used, rather than all the rooms in the house, which saves energy. Combined with lower running costs than split system ACs, a ducted air conditioning system offers the best value for money of any cooling solution on the market.

The cost of installing a ducted air conditioning system depends on your property size and layout, as well as the number of zones and ducts required. The table below provides approximate costs for different sized properties.

5.       Convenience

One of the best things about Ducted Air Conditioning Systems in Denham Court is that they’re almost invisible – unlike wall units and split system ACs, you won’t see anything other than nondescript vents in your ceiling. And these can be customised to blend seamlessly into your home’s aesthetic.

Plus, modern ducted systems operate with whisper-quiet precision, so you’ll never be distracted by a noisy system. And because they can be 'zoned', you can save money by shutting off cooling in rooms that aren’t being used during the day or at night. This can also make a big difference in the value of your home if you ever decide to sell it. A well-maintained ducted air conditioning system will appeal to buyers and increase the overall value of your property.

Air Generation Air Conditioning
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