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Moving from one place to another can be hectic as a lot of work is required to be done at the end of your tenancy. Along with it, the fear of losing your bond amount will make you upset. But you can get your bond amount back completely if you follow a proper procedure and hire Bond Cleaning Sydney. We are here to make you understand the complete procedure to get your bond back after you have ended your lease.

Do you understand a bond?

A bond is a legal agreement between tenants and the landlord or the real estate company. According to an agreement, a tenant is obliged to maintain the property and is required to submit a deposit as a security amount. Usually, they asked for a month’s rent. The deposited bond amount will be refundable at the end of a tenancy; however, terms and conditions may apply.

You are giving ato maintain the property in the same condition it is before you are moving in. And a landlord or real estate agent has the right to deduct the amount from your bond if any problem exists such as cleaning issues, repairs, uncleared charges.

So, hiring an Bond Cleaning Sydney professionals is worthier than doing it yourself. Because, a very deep, thorough, and professional cleaning is required to keep the safety of your bond deposit.

Do Your Inspections Carefully

Bond Cleaning Sydney final inspection by your property manager or landlord will decide whether you will get your bond amount back or not. But other factors cannot be ignored such as initial condition report, required repairs, etc.

Be focused and diligent when placing an initial condition report as it will always keep you safe. If any minor damage is there in the property, don’t ignore, as a minor can become larger over time. So, take extra photos and notes as shreds of evidence if required.

In addition to this, don’t forget to do the required repairs before your final inspection. Keep your landlord updated with all the big and small repairs such as water leakage, mould growing in the bathroom, etc. You will be able to create a communicative connection with your property manager or landlord, and unresolved repairs will not surprise them.

Hire Professional Bond Cleaners Sydney

There is no doubt that your end of tenancy cleaning requires a thorough and expert cleaning, and it is impossible to do alone by yourself. Thus, hiring professional Bond Cleaning Sydney to do your end of lease cleaning is a must.

Apart from this, you already have a good idea of how to return the property in its original condition before you moved in as you have filled out the initial condition report. Even, many of the Australian states consider clauses for “fair wear and tear.”

So, you can guide the expert cleaners according to the property cleaning requirements. Of course, you will be spending some money but it will also increase the chance to get the bond amount back completely without any deductions. Most of the Bond Cleaning companies in Sydney also provide the bond back guarantee, so look for it and hire them.

Research Properly

Make sure to do your research properly as rules and regulations regarding bond refunds may vary from state to state. So, Bond Cleaning Sydney don’t assume anything and research carefully to keep yourself safe from all the unwanted issues.

For Tenants-Process To Get The Deposited Bond Back

All the processes need to be done carefully. We understand that you’ll be very busy, stressed, and worried about following the cleaning checklist, packing, unpacking, and many more. Moreover, it is recommended to hire Bond Cleaning Sydney cleaners to make sure the complete follow on the cleaning checklist and thorough cleaning to the property. Once done, call your property manager or landlord for the final inspections. And the moment they finalize and give you a thumbs up to go ahead, there are certain steps that need to be followed. Those are as follows-

  • Fill up the Bond Money Refund Form from Bond cleaning Sydney
  • Request your landlord or property manager or real estate agent to sign the form
  • Post the form, fax it or submit it physically to Fair Trading
  • Once received, RTA will deposit money back to your account.

Different Steps Are Required To Be Followed When The Property Manager Or Landlord Aren’t Satisfied

Though, you have to make sure that our property manager or landlord is satisfied. And if in any case, Bond Cleaning Sydney they are not satisfied we need to take care of the issues they have pointed out. But still, even after delivering your best, they are creating trouble then we can follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Fill the Bond Money Refund Claim Form
  • Submit it to Fair Trading without getting it signed from your landlord or property manager

In this case, Fair Trading will directly deal with your landlord/property manager by posting them the written notice. If they don’t dispute the process, Fair Trading will refund the bond amount within 14 days.

If your landlord or property manager dispute the process, they are required to-

  • Apply to NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) within 14 days of notice
  • Inform RTA by sending a written document that they have applied to NCAT

At last, the final decision will be taken by NCAT.

Bond Cleaning Sydney The Bottom Line

Don’t lose hope when your landlord or property manager is getting fussy and trying hard to hold on some of your bond amounts. The above-mentioned steps will help you in getting your bond amount back by bond cleaning in Sydney. But you also have to make sure to complete the requirements such as cleanliness, repairs, and maintenance.

According to the records, most of the Australian tenants leave trying to get their bond refunds after not receiving satisfactory results. But to be honest, a mutual decision can come with an understanding if they try communicating with their landlord or property manager. After all, effective communication can resolve many problems. Moreover, it is recommended to keep connected with your real estate agent or landlord for both small or big issues in the property. It is good to do for better and effective communication so they will not be surprised during an inspection.

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