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Is Your Child's Phone Usage Under Control? Spy Apps can help!

Brayden Harry
Is Your Child's Phone Usage Under Control? Spy Apps can help!

There are various reasons why you have to hand over a smartphone to your teen or pre-teen. These reasons could include online classes, schoolwork, and even emergency communication. However, these smartphones can hurt them too, especially with the advent of social media. Now the question arises, how to navigate this digital jungle without having to confiscate their phones or ban social media? Well, phone spy apps can be your compass! Spy apps can be used to monitor your child’s phone and control their smartphone usage. Let’s dive into why spy apps are important and also shine a spotlight on Chyldmonitor, the best Android spy app that can be used to keep your child’s phone usage under control. 

Reasons why you need a mobile spy app 

  1. Protection against online threats & scams: Your child is exposed to random people 24*7 which makes them more prone to the dangers of the online world. These could include cyberbullying, harassment, and even financial fraud. If we look at the numbers, about 59% of US teens have been bullied or harassed online as per Pew Research Center, while according to the Federal Trade Commission, complaints related to online scams targeting individuals under 21 reached 23,200 in 2020, up from 9,000 in 2017. This indicates how grave these crimes have become in today’s times. This is where the role of mobile spy applications comes in. Spy apps can be used to detect these scams early on and even help prevent them.
  2. Tracking Whereabouts: Kids are required to travel around to various places alone. They might have to go to school, classes, or even for group studies. It is not possible to follow them around everywhere or even if you pick and drop them, what is the guarantee that they remain at the same place throughout? They might not tell you where they are visiting and you don’t want to call and keep bothering them. Therefore, opting for a spy application that lets you track their live location is the key. It will not only tell you their current whereabouts but also where they’ve visited in the past along with details like time and map view.
  3. Real-Time Information: Sometimes parents want to know up-to-the-minute information about their children. For instance, let’s say they’re smiling to their ears, you’d want to know who they are texting. This is made possible through mobile spying software that fetches and updates data every second. This feature is also absolutely useful in case there is an emergency. Parents can be the first ones to know and take action accordingly. 
  4. Peace of Mind: You don’t have to worry about your kids’ activities and whereabouts anymore. You can simply have a look at all that they are up to from the comfort of your armchair. This is the biggest advantage of having a phone spy application, the peace of mind that it offers. It will answer all your questions about where your kids are, what they are doing on their phones, and if they are safe or not. Additionally, it will also give you a window into their lives, which will help you understand them much better.

Best Android spy software for keeping tabs on your child’s activities

CHYLDMONITOR shines as one of the top-tier Android spy applications. It offers more than 60 features including WhatsApp spy, hidden call recorder, live location tracker, social media monitor, and more. The features are accompanied by hassle-free installation and installation assistance. Further, the 24*7 customer support adds to the overall experience. Since the app is mainly developed for child monitoring, there is a great focus on safety and security, thus, the app offers end-to-end encryption the centralized dashboard is password-protected and only the one with the credentials can access it. 

Get control over your child’s phone usage with Chyldmonitor

CHYLDMONITOR, a hidden spy app, offers insights into the various apps that your child is using alongside their internet and social media history. In case you don’t find that something is relevant and is rather inappropriate for your child, you can simply block that particular website or app.

You are simply required to log on to the dashboard and go to applications under device data where you’ll be able to see all the updated applications and a block tab next to it. Simply click on the block button to ensure that your child is away from inappropriate content. Similarly, you can block websites by clicking on website history under device data. 

Concluding thoughts

Keeping your child safe and secure in the online world is important. However, it is not possible to follow them around everywhere. This is where virtual guardians called spy apps come in. Reliable and safe phone spy apps like CHYLDMONITOR offer a host of features that can be used to safeguard your child by having control over their activities. 

Brayden Harry
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