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B2B Flight Booking Portal

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B2B Flight Booking Portal

Significance of B2B Flight Booking Portal for the Travel Industry:

B2B flight booking portals are an effective tool for the travel industry as they provide a centralized platform for travel agents, tour operators, and other businesses to book flights for their clients or users. These portals provide a smooth flow for booking flights, access to multiple airlines, cost savings, customization, and data insights.

Flight booking portals are developed to provide a seamless booking experience for travel agents, who can search and compare flight options from multiple airlines, access negotiated discounts and special rates, customize bookings as per specific requirements, and receive instant confirmation of bookings.

These portals also help travel agencies maintain their competitive edge, by offering access to a wide range of flight options and negotiated rates, that can be passed on to their clients in the form of savings and discounts.

By using a B2B flight booking portal, businesses can manage their travel bookings effectively, from a unified platform, saving time and effort. They don't need to navigate through numerous airline websites to compare and book flights for their consumers. Furthermore, businesses can offer cost savings to their customers by taking full advantage of the competitive rates and discounts offered by the portal.

B2B flight booking platforms also provide additional services like hotel reservations, car rentals, and travel insurance, enabling businesses to customize their tour packages according to their customers' needs.

B2B flight booking portals provide the travel industry several advantages by enabling businesses to easily manage their travel bookings, save time and money, deliver customized packages, obtain valuable insights, have more control over the booking process, and offer their clients better service.

Additional flight booking portals provide a lot of features, such as access to multiple airlines, real-time availability, customization options, payment options, user management, reporting and analytics, mobile access, customer support, and cost savings.

How do travel agents benefit from B2B Flight booking Portal?

Businesses in the travel sector can benefit from B2B flight booking portals in several ways, such as time and money savings, streamlined booking procedures, customized options, data insights, user management, mobile access, and customer support.

Using a B2B flight booking portal can save companies time and effort by offering a one-stop-shop for booking flights from multiple airlines at competitive prices. Businesses can search and book flights in real time without having to browse through various airline websites, thus streamlining the booking process.

Businesses can design specialized trip packages using customization options that incorporate extra services like hotel reservations, car rentals, and travel insurance. Reporting and analytics tools provide useful insights into travel trends and customer preferences, enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions.

User management features allow companies to add, manage, and assign users who can access the booking portal, providing greater control over the booking process. Users can book flights while on the go thanks to mobile access and customer support are available for any issues or inquiries related to bookings.

By providing access to multiple airlines, businesses can compare and book flights from a range of options. Businesses can rapidly check for seat availability and make reservations thanks to real-time availability.

Mobile access allows users to book flights on the go using their smartphones or tablets, and customer support assists with any issues or questions related to flight bookings. Last but not least, the site frequently offers competitive rates and discounts that can result in cost savings.

Overall, B2B flight booking portals provide companies in the travel industry with a range of benefits that can help them manage their travel bookings more effectively, save time & expense, provide better service to their customers, and make data-driven decisions to improve their services.

How to develop an Online Airline Booking System?

Trawex is a renowned and global flight booking app development company that offers a robust and flexible B2B/B2C flight booking website or portal for clients.

Our team makes every effort to create flight reservation software for B2B/B2C travel businesses that allow the selling of airline tickets. It shows the customer’s real-time fare information.

This airline reservation system is incorporated with GDSs like Amadeus APISabre, and Travelport. Moreover, it has LCC and third-party airline integration, and third-party airline API built in. That also depends on the client's needs.

Trawex flight booking engine is an exceptional tool that can enhance the flight booking experience by automating the booking process. It lets users choose from various airlines, check seat availability, etc. For travel businesses, it aids in increasing revenue generation.

The web-based Flight Reservation System from Trawex assists travel agencies in combining flight information such as schedules, seat availability, prices, and reservations from prominent GDSs, flight XML services, etc.

You can easily get real-time availability and prices for flights online. Our Flight Reservation System is also easy to use, smooth, and scalable to your needs.

Our airline booking system is not benefiting the end users only but also offers opportunities to travel companies. It comes with a quotation system that reflects real-time airline and seat availability. In the end, it aids them in attaining their objectives.

Discover the most affordable flight booking software prices on the market. Both small and large enterprises can benefit from our pricing strategies. You can select the ideal package for your business thanks to multiple options and no additional costs. Request a demo today to explore how our software can streamline your flight booking process.


Benefits of B2B flight Booking Portal for the travel industry:

Here are some of the key benefits of using a B2B flight booking portal:

Time and Cost Savings: B2B flight booking portals provide a one-stop-shop for companies to book flights, saving them time and effort in comparing and booking flights from multiple airlines. Likewise, these portals often offer competitive rates and discounts, providing cost savings for businesses and their customers.

Streamlined Booking Process: B2B flight booking portals offer a simplified booking process, allowing businesses to quickly search and book flights in real-time, without having to navigate multiple airline websites.

Customization: B2B flight booking portals offer customization options for businesses to add additional services such as hotel bookings, car rentals, and travel insurance, allowing them to create tailor-made packages for their clients.

Data Insights: B2B flight booking portals offer analytics and reporting tools, providing valuable insights into travel trends, booking patterns, and customer preferences. This data can help corporations create data-driven decisions and improve their services.

Mobile Access: B2B flight booking portals offer mobile access to users, enabling them to book flights on the go using their smartphones or tablets, providing greater convenience and flexibility.

Customer Support: B2B flight booking portals provide customer service through a range of channels, including email, phone, or chat, and they can help with any issues or questions related to booking flights.

User-friendly Interface: A user-friendly interface is incorporated with single and multiple GDS systems based on the customer's requirement. At Trawex, we offer a user-friendly interface to ensure that clients receive the best quality services. An intuitive user interface instantly opens and adjusts to all screen sizes.

Increase the number of loyal customers through attractive pricing: If the online air reservation system has the pricing and deals at affordable prices only then you can increase the number of your loyal customers. By incorporating the GDS into your airline reservation system, you can collaborate with global flight providers and expand the number of flight booking options.

Eye-Catchy Booking Button: The eye-catchy booking button helps travelers or customers to decide and make the booking. Something that attracts your mind and pushes you to click through will surely benefit your business.

Enhanced Efficiency: B2B flight booking platforms allow organizations the ability to effectively manage their travel bookings from a single platform. This can involve handling several reservations, making adjustments or cancellations, and offering customer service.

Features of B2B flight Booking Portal for the travel industry:

Here are some of the key features of B2B flight booking portals:

Access to Multiple Airlines: B2B flight booking portals offer access to a wide range of airlines, offering tour operators and travel agencies the flexibility to find the best flight selections for their customers, based on price, timing, and airline preference.

Real-Time Availability: The portal shows flight availability in real-time, enabling companies to search for seats available and make bookings instantly.

Payment Options: B2B flight booking portals provide a range of payment options for businesses to pay for their bookings, such as credit cards, debit cards, and net banking.

User Management: The portal has capabilities for managing users that let businesses add, manage, and identify who has access to the booking portal.

Reporting and Analytics: B2B flight booking portals offer reporting and analytics tools that provide valuable insights into travel trends, booking patterns, and customer preferences.

Mobile Access: The portal provides mobile access to users, allowing them to book flights on the go using their smartphones or tablets.

Customer Support: B2B flight booking portals offer customer support through various channels such as email, phone, or chat, to assist with any issues or questions related to flight bookings.

Cost Savings: B2B flight booking portals often offer competitive rates and discounts for travel agents and tour operators, allowing them to provide cost savings for their customers.

Why Should You Choose Trawex Flight Booking Software?

Trawex is a renowned XML/API-integrated flight reservation software provider that offers adaptable travel packaging with 24/7 inventory updates. Our airline booking software enables B2B/B2C travel businesses by offering a user-friendly booking interface.

The Trawex flight reservation system for travel agents offers cutting-edge features and functionalities, including inventory management, quote management, B2C/B2B travel portal, multiple supplier integration, major GDS connectivity, one-way, round-trip, multi-city airline searches, fare change alerts, booking reports, customized design and layout, multi-language and multi-currency options, and payment gateway integration, and others.

We have designed customized flight booking management systems for the global travel and airline industries, letting them offer affordable fares and exceptional services.

At Trawex, we automate the software used to book airline tickets by incorporating GDS API into the platform.

We have connections with global flight API providers like GDS and LCC Flight APIs, to automate your flight booking portals.

We develop extremely customized, mobile-friendly, and global API-integrated flight booking portals that give you access to thousands of flight providers from a unified platform.

We also have white-label modules for those who want to go online within a week. Using the White label travel portal you can quickly build a travel website with your branding. And thus, get in touch with us for the best deals on flight bookings.

Here are a few reasons to choose us for your flight reservation system:

·       With Trawex, you get easy and hassle-free booking of air tickets.

·       If you want to cancel, that’s easy too. Enjoy cancellations instantly!

·       The software has a user-friendly interface, allowing everyone to use it.

·       You will also get multi-language and multi-currency support.

·       The software is easy to incorporate into the existing system.

·       Implementation of various payment getaways helps to make the software more popular.

·       Access to a wide range of flight options from multiple airlines.

·       Competitive pricing and negotiated discounted rates for bulk bookings.

·       Flexible booking options to accommodate specific travel needs.

·       Real-time availability and quick booking confirmation.

·       Comprehensive reporting and invoicing for effective record-keeping and billing 24/7 customer support and assistance for any issues or adjustments to bookings.

·       One-way, round trip filter search options, and multiple filter search options.

·       Make affordable bookings for flights.

·       Upgrade your seats and get booking confirmation immediately.

·       Flight cancellation and booking modification options.

·       Upgrade your seats and receive fast confirmation of your reservation.

·       A single platform to search, book, and modify the bookings.

·       Provides a competitive edge to set up and run the business against competitors.

·       Customers can use mobile apps to access it and book tickets from anywhere, which boosts sales.

Benefits of GDS XML/API Integration into Airline Booking System:

·       Advanced flight search filters to explore flights (one-way/return trip/multi-city).

·       Detailed flight pricing.

·       Exclusive offers and flight booking deals.

·       Details regarding baggage limit.

·       Fare details.

·       Airlines search filter to discover the best airline.

·       Query Assistance.

·       Online seat selection and modification.

·       Buying additional services online, like, meals and water on board.

·       Download option for E-ticket.

·       Service tax management.

·       Agents commission management.

·       Partners commission management.

·       PNR generation.

·       Reliable payment options.

·       Flexible travel packages including, flight booking and hotel booking.

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