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Best React Native Mobile App Development Guide

Best React Native Mobile App Development Guide

Digitalization has paved the way for many startups and big ventures to reach a more significant population segment. Native mobile app development has become the new normal to do any business online and get the proper visibility. With around 3.48 million apps registered on the play store, it’s already proved that smartphone apps are a new marketing tactic to engage customers. In the same row of development, react native mobile app development came into context.

What Is React Native?

React Native is a native app development platform utilizing Javascript. It is an amalgamation of both native and reacts native development. It is a highly functional framework and a best-in-class javascript library to create an attractive user interface. Many companies, including Facebook, find it troublesome to deliver the best functionalities through the current native stack. The framework back then was losing either productivity, quality, or focusing on the single platform. React Native has removed this barrier and provided all the features in one go.

Why Choose React Native For Mobile App Development?

With time, react-native has been the top-notch priority when any app is created in the native framework. Here are some important points:

1. Reliable Framework

Facebook even tested its framework by building a mobile app through it. The results were surprising as the app was highly functional and had a beautiful interface. So, when we use Facebook mobile apps, it feels like a native app.

2. Cross-Platform Compatibility

React native app developers, who utilize this framework for building an app, indirectly prepare it for platforms, i.e., iOS and Android. Because the code of the app is compiled, it acts like native Java and Swift code.

3. Familiar Code

Any developer who has previously and exclusively worked on javascript can easily understand the development process in react native. The framework is quite simple; the developer needs to know about mobile components and their integrations with their web components.

4. Rapid Growth

Still, Facebook is implementing new-new updates to improvise the react native framework. Currently, if there persists any problem, you can not resolve it. Facebook is working round-the-clock to improve these parameters and let react native app development flaunt at its fullest.

5. Platform Consistency

Another great feature of mobile app development process is it gives cross-platform compatibility. There is a vast difference in the app-building for Android and iOS. React Native helps deal with the differences, and one code can successfully run for both platforms.

What is React Native App Development Cost?

So, if you are a startup for an established company, one can easily create react native apps that would be affordable and easy to deploy. The cost of building an app in react Native generally depends upon the project type and functionality of the app. Usually, the react native app development cost (per hour) can range between $20 to $35. Depending on the team deployed (experienced or fresher), deadline, skills, location, and technology utilized may vary.

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