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What Are The Top DTF Printers On The Market In 2024?

What Are The Top DTF Printers On The Market In 2024?

Digital printing is an expanding business. The phrase "shaking Powder" is still in use. Since the year 2020, there have been only two hotspots within the printing industry. The DTF printers and the print head are the two most popular areas.

We will look at the factors that make the digital Korotkoff Heat Transfer printer the best and also what is an excellent DTF printer.

DTF printers have become a household word, and new manufacturers are popping up. With so many companies and brands, consumers are at a loss when it comes to purchasing. They aren't sure what they should buy. Additionally, some sellers claim that their products are superior. The current marketplace for offset digital heat transfer is in chaos.

It is crucial to know how to distinguish between DTF printers of top quality. Take a look at the parts of the DTF Film Printer. It's not an unplanned choice or mix. For instance, the nozzle on the DTF printing machine is always EPSON I3200.

1. The difference between the white ink circulation systems and black

The second is an ink circulation system that is white. The white ink circulatory system is now available to all PET Film Printers DTF as well as DTG Printers. This stops nozzles from blockage. However, this does not mean that the ink circulation system for white won't hinder your printer. The precise location of the ink within the white circulation system influences this.

To test this our company has conducted several tests. In the ink tube, the white ink flows through the DTF printers of specific makers. Ink sacs and ink bottles aren't stirred. What is the best way to pump it into the ink tube after precipitation? The circulatory system for white ink that is used in specific DTF printers is extremely well-designed. The process, for instance, begins with the ink bottles, the ink tubes, ink bags, ink pumps, and finally the whole ink bottle. This lets the ink be moving dynamically for a longer duration and also prevents precipitation.

2. The colors for printing can be found in a range of shades

The standard on previous DTF printers was two print heads. One nozzle releases CMYK while the other discharges white ink. Technology has improved and the requirements of the clients. New equipment with four or three nozzles is available. Printheads with three or four printing heads can print fluorescent colors.

Find a few other companies in the market with this technology. In addition, you can inquire whether the technology is mature enough. Based on the feedback we get from our customers, I am sure that technology will continue to be upgraded and improved to provide superior products to our customers.

3. If white and black melting powder prints well, it's a good choice.

Shaking the powder is among the most important aspects of the DTF printers. It is crucial to take into consideration the quality of the hot melt powder. Our customers have reported that the white-hot melt powder bought from other suppliers caused the color of printed items to become chaotic and the layering was not as good. We used white and black hot melt powder to create two examples to show our salesperson.

We didn't find the issue mentioned above when the sample was transferred to the garment. The original design appears evident, regardless of whether it's either white or black hot melt powder. The original design can be easily evident, and there is no confusion about colors. It is possible to, of course, select the hot melt powder that is in line with the color of your clothes. The hot melt powder can have different effects on different clothes.

4. Does it serve a purpose to clean smoke?

In its initial design, the DTF Printer could have overlooked the emissions of exhaust gases that are released in the course of operation. The exhaust gas is likely to contain harmful elements for the body. Our experts discovered this issue and quickly corrected the issue.

The brand-new DTF printers feature the ability to extract smoke. The waste is disposed of centrally, and the work environment is kept in check during the process. The business will be more eco-friendly and safer for its workers.

5. Does it come with the ability to remove static?

DTF printing machines may encounter issues with static electricity when they are in use. The normal printing process of a printer is frequently caused by static electricity. We were approached by a vendor from Greece and Pakistan who wanted to know what we could do to deal with static electricity. They also wanted to collaborate.

The printers for DTF PET will be operational. Dry air can impact the overall performance of the device. The machine is also maintained at the same temperature. Our humidity is also consistent and lasts for a long time. This issue has been resolved through our technology.

In the process of developing our technology, we considered this. The rod electrostatic has been specifically designed to be placed within the discharge system at the rear. Eliminate the problems with static electricity. This will also resolve any other issues that could be caused by static electric charge.

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