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The Main Reason Why the Nozzle of DTF film printing machine Does Not Discharge Ink

The Main Reason Why the Nozzle of DTF film printing machine Does Not Discharge Ink

Individuals that frequently operate the DTF film printing machine understand that throughout the procedure of the maker, some problems such as broken printed lines, light shade of photos, obscured patterns, etc may happen from time to time. If these issues develop, that means the ink of the nozzle is generally disturbed. At this time, quit the DTF film printing machine and inspect one at a time according to compliance with products.

There is no ink or the nozzle is obstructed

No ink: the machine is not with an ink-lack alarm system tool. When the ink goes out, the device still runs instantly.

If the ink is as well slim, and the ink jet rate is very quick, the ink will be shown back to the nozzle after being splashed on the fabric, triggering the ink to accumulate on the nozzle as well as obstruct it. The sharp adjustment in the temperature level or moisture of the exterior atmosphere will certainly have a negative result on the nozzle and ink, causing the obstruction of the nozzle. There is ink deposition on the ink absorbing pad 7.

Fail to remember to open the vent of the outside ink bottle

If there is an obstructed air vent on the additional ink cartridge and also air can not go into it, the interior pressure is expensive, leading to ink failure. At this time, it is required to reopen the air vent to permit smooth air consumption.

The ink supply pipeline is obstructed

There are 3 main reasons for the blocking of the ink supply pipeline: 1. There allow fragments of pollutants in the ink supply pipe, blocking the ink pipeline. 2. There are bubbles in the ink supply pipe 3. The ink supply pipeline is pressed. As an example, when you close the maintenance door of the printer, the door secures the ink supply pipeline.

If the maker is not made use of for a long time, as well as the white ink system does not function, the ink supply pipeline is quickly obstructed by impurities in the white ink. Right now, turn off the button of the printing cart. Under the premise of interruption of power supply, get the syringe and press the air right into the ink tube to dredge the contaminations inside.

When the device is not in use and also let the white ink flow system run by itself, to turn on the power supply. This way, it is hard to create the rainfall of huge fragments in the white ink, and afterward, obstruct the ink supply pipeline as well as the nozzle.

The placement of the exterior ink container is as well low

In case the position of the exterior ink container is lower than the pressure line, the ink can not stream smoothly, which will cause ink disruption. Lift the external bottle for constant ink supply as well as place it at the very same height as the ink cartridge.

The piezoelectric crystal is damaged

When the voltage is unsteady, the piezoelectric crystal inside the nozzle will certainly be breakdown as a result of the voltage issue and ink penetration. Right now, you require a brand-new print head.

If the air is in the nozzle, and at the exact same time you have actually done print head cleaning up numerous times, however, the areas where there are disconnections are various each time, please check the nozzle standing after leaving the printer for a period of time (typically more than 0.5-2 hours). In some cases, when the temperature increases, the small bubbles in the ink or the ink-jet air duct will certainly additionally impede the ink flow. At this time, it works to leave the printer for a little time.

An obstructed nozzle of a DTF film printing machine constantly results in horizontal stripes on the surface of the published manuscript, and also it can not publish some colors in all, specifically when publishing pictures. In the process of interacting with consumers that run printers, a lot of them will certainly come across similar situations. The obstructed nozzle is the main reason to cause trouble.

To fix these troubles to the optimum degree, it is not just necessary to understand the operation process and also to understand the functioning environment of the maker. Consumers should pay attention to the top quality of equipment and consumables.

How does the intelligent Star III DTF film printing machine solve the issue of an obstructed nozzle?

The above issues have been basically prevented by technological means on the brand-new generation DTF film printing machine. The latest sort of white ink printer has an ink damper heating feature to make certain the typical operation of the printer in a cool setting.

Smart recognition of ink blockage and early warning system: CCD cameras can synchronously check the printing problem of the nozzle. If there is an obstruction, a punctual message will certainly show up on the computer system and also it suggests quitting printing.

The nozzle made-up feature significantly lowers the waste rate. The equipment immediately recognizes the missing printing places of the nozzle and also covers the insufficient segments.

Imported filter: the imported filter can effectively intercept fragments, gels, as well as various other impurities in the ink. It has an exceptional pollutant filtering feature to make sure a smooth ink supply.

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