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Debunking the Myth of Hypnotherapy

Justin Thorne
Debunking the Myth of Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy in Portsmouth is a state of deep relaxation and focused concentration. It works like a mind-body medicine. A trained and certified hypnotist guides you into a deep state of focus and relaxation with verbal cues and repletion. Under hypnosis one can feel an intense level of concentration and focus that allows you to ignore ordinary distractions. Under this state, people will feel guided by suggestions and make changes to improve their overall health .There are different reasons to adopt the therapy. Hypnosis is often used to Stop Smoking.

How does Hypnosis work?

There are some common beliefs that hypnotic people go into a deep state of focus and relaxation. This state of mind is achieved with hypnosis:

• Your conscious mind would be quiet

• One can tap into the part of the brain where the thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and perceptions originate.

• You are more open to gentle guidance from the hypnotherapist to help modify and replace the unconscious thoughts

What are the Common Myths of Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is not real – it is probably a form of entertainment

Hypnosis is not at all a stage act or a magical act. Clinical hypnosis is a medical therapy often used as part of a treatment plan that includes conventional medical approaches.

You Lose Consciousness

In general, most people remember everything that takes place during hypnosis. Typically, you can remain aware of who you are and what happened during the session.

You are Under the Control of a Hypnotherapist

Of course hypnotherapists guide hypnosis; however, it is something you don’t do for yourself. You cannot make to do anything against your will. You would not reveal any information that you wish to keep secret. It makes easy-to-experience suggestions however, doesn’t force you to have an experience.

Hypnosis is Like a Deep Sleep

Hypnosis is not sleeping. There are some forms of hypnosis that can make you appear to be asleep since the body is still and quiet.

What Conditions can be treated with Hypnosis?

Hypnotherapy might be helpful for a few medical conditions related to psychological factors. Common mental health problems are:

• Stress and anxiety

• Phobia

• Behavior control issue

• Insomnia

• Asthma

• Skin conditions

• Hot flashes

• Gastrointestinal disorder

Details of Hypnotherapy

There are typically four stages of Hypnosis:

• Induction: You start to be relaxed and focus and ignore distractions. Your hypnotherapist guides you through the stage with specific techniques.

• Deepener: The stage continues taking your relaxation and focus to a deeper level.

• Suggestions: This is the actual stage of experience, behavior, and perception. The therapist would use imagery carefully.

• Emergence: At this stage, you come out of hypnosis and may use reverse deepeners.

Wrapping up

Hypnotherapy in Portsmouth is used along with other therapy and treatment as a part of the complete treatment plan.

Justin Thorne
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