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How Many Types of Cumin Seeds are There?

Raju Kumar

Cumin seeds have been a staple spice used for culinary purposes in Indian households for centuries and are known for their versatility. It has a very aromatic and distinctive flavor, elevating the taste of various recipes regardless of whether you use cumin extract or cumin powder.     

This spice belongs to the same family as parsley, a common herb in many kitchens worldwide. These seeds can be used in various shapes and sizes; each one differs depending on its color and characteristics. Although cumin has been used over the years for culinary practices, many people are unaware of the different types of cumin seeds.   

Let's understand more about the various types of cumin seeds sold by Cumin Seeds Manufacturers in India 

Significance of Cumin Seeds   

Before we state what are the different types of cumin seeds available, lets understand why these seeds are a popular choice among Indian Household.   

  • The cumin seeds have an earthy and nutty flavor, adding depth to various dishes.   
  • Known for its digestive properties, it is often consumed to relieve digestive discomfort and promote better digestion.   
  • Due to its versatility, this spice is used in sweet and savory dishes. In Indian households, cumin seeds are the main ingredient used in curries.   
  • It is a powerhouse packed with all the essential nutrients like iron, manganese, and antioxidants 

Different Types of Cumin Seeds 

  • Black Cumin Seeds 

Black Cumin Seeds are smaller and darker in color, widely grown in Central Asia and Northern India are some of most well-known cumin seeds supplier in the world. Also known as shahi jeera in households, it has an oblong shape with a dark green color and is used to treat coughs, digestive problems and bloating. In the readymade spice mixes available in the market, the black cumin seeds are an essential component due to their aroma and taste. 


  • Regular Cumin Seeds  

Cumin seeds, also known as white cumin seeds, have a nutty flavor to them with just a hint of citrus and are widely grown in East Mediterranean and South Asia. They are available in powder-grounded form and seed and can be sprinkled over salads and veggies to enhance the taste. The uses of cumin seeds are not just limited to cooking; they are also used in Ayurveda to treat diarrhea and digestion and to lower cholesterol levels.   

  • Brown Cumin  

The brown cumin is bigger and fatter when it comes to appearance and is widely used in Mexican, African and Indian dishes. It has a warm and earthy note to it and is used to add flavor to curries, legumes and grains. The brown cumin seeds have a peppery flavor which is ideal to be added to vegetables, soups and many more dishes.  

Cumin seeds are an essential spice used worldwide in various cuisines, and understanding the different types will help enhance the dishes. Besides being widely used in culinary, cumin seeds have many health benefits. Before considering buying spices from a reliable Cumin seed manufacturer in India is essential.   

Vora Spice Mills is known for its cumin seeds and spices, which are grown under natural conditions without any harmful chemicals being used. They are the cumin seeds exporters in India known for providing the best quality cumin seeds, turmeric powder, fennel seeds, celery seeds, and many more spices, which are widely used worldwide.     

Raju Kumar
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