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Why Every Small Business Needs a BigCommerce Developer

Dan Kogan
Why Every Small Business Needs a BigCommerce Developer

While AI promises to automate processes and customize shopping experiences, it's important to remember that technology alone isn't enough to handle every challenge your online store may face. This is where the expertise of a BigCommerce developer becomes crucial.

AI Isn't a Panacea

Imagine you're running a specialty store selling custom-made bicycles. Each bike can be tailored with unique components and colors chosen by the customer.

AI can handle basic suggestions based on customer preferences, but when it comes to integrating a complex ordering system that allows for thousands of custom combinations—only a human developer can set this up without a hitch. That's where a BigCommerce web developer steps in, ensuring your store meets specific business requirements that AI can't yet grasp.

The Go-Between for Tech and Practicality

AI tools are fantastic for many things but integrating them with your existing eCommerce tools can be tricky. A BigCommerce web developer not only knows the ins and outs of these tools but also how they interact with AI.

For instance, if you're using an AI-driven inventory management system, your developer makes sure it syncs perfectly with your online storefront, preventing those all-too-common glitches that lead to overselling or stockouts.

Keeping the Engine Running

Think of your online store as a high-performance car. It might run fine for a while without a tune-up, but eventually, something will go wrong if it’s not properly maintained.

A BigCommerce developer is like your mechanic, always on standby to tweak, update, and repair, ensuring smooth operations. They handle everything from patching security vulnerabilities to upgrading system integrations—tasks that are crucial yet often invisible.

More Than Just Data Crunchers

AI is great at crunching numbers and spotting trends, but understanding the 'why' behind your business goals requires human intuition. A BigCommerce developer doesn’t just look at how users interact with your site; they understand why they interact that way and adjust the strategy accordingly.

For example, suppose your goal is to increase repeat customers. In that case, developers can help tailor loyalty programs to your site that resonate more effectively with your audience than any generic AI-suggested incentives.

AI and Developers

As BigCommerce increasingly adopts AI to make stores smarter and shopping more personalized, remember these tools are meant to support—not substitute—the human expertise of developers. They fine-tune AI applications to align perfectly with the way your store operates, ensuring that you get the best of both worlds.

Combining AI's analytical power with a BigCommerce developer's strategic insight allows you to craft an online store that’s not just functional but forward-thinking.

Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Team

Hiring the right BigCommerce customization specialist is like picking a new team member. Start by listing what you need them to tackle, whether it’s improving site speed, adding custom features, or revamping the checkout experience.

Dive into the BigCommerce Partner Directory or scour LinkedIn for candidates. Check their portfolios and client feedback to gauge their expertise and reliability. Most importantly, have a chat—make sure they’re someone who gets your vision and can translate it into your site.

A great developer will navigate through codes and customer experiences with equal prowess, handling everything from theme customization and app integration to full site migrations and regular security checks.

Ready to Take Your Store to the Next Level?

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Act now—contact 1Digital® Agency for a free consultation and let their team help you marry AI capabilities with expert developer insight. Together, you can craft an eCommerce experience that truly stands out.

This isn’t just about keeping up with the digital trends—it’s about making them work for you.

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Dan Kogan
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