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Praveen Raja

Very often our customers ask us: What is the best Magento hosting? Unfortunately, there is no answer to this question.

It all depends on many factors like your Magento version, number of products, your average monthly traffic, the performance you want to achieve, and so on. Magento is a very advanced solution and can be used in a small store with a relatively small size, or thousands of products in a large store

Magento Hosting is really a part of your store's incrementing gear, and in some cases, your revenue and reputation will depend on hosting. So do not make too quick decisions, take your time, and count your recession as an investment in your store.

Let's start the basics! First, we will explain which servers and hosting types are available to you.


There are two types of hosting on server maintenance:

  • A managed and
  • A self-service

In a managed hosting, server configuration, refreshments, and resolving issues are a privilege of hosting technical experts.

If you go to a self-service hosting, you must either run the server on your own or get the help a third party Server Management Company or an expert to do it.

When it comes to Magento, you might come across a few problems on a managed hosting if you’d like to use Solr, Redis, or Memcache, but the hosting company doesn’t offer them out of the box. Unusual server settings make its administration more complicated, and the company may deny you in installing this software or ask you for a great deal of money for that.

If you choose a self-service hosting, no one could limit you to an including functionality you need, except you need to manage all the possible issues yourself. Full control over your server goes as a bonus for these inconveniences.


Shared Server

With the shared server, you hire a specific portion of the server resources, and your server settings cannot be altered randomly. In a shared server, your program typically refers to a specific amount of disk space, a standard number of websites, databases, and email accounts. In a Shared hosting, one of the main advantages is its price: in most cases, it's the cheapest variant.

Why only one person Server performance depends on the load on neighboring sites. For example, if the server is attacked, all the websites located on this server will be affected. Penalties for spam or malicious software delivery of a site will block the entire server. 

VPS/VDS server

VPS / VDS servers use different display types, such as OpenVZ / Virtuozzo, KVM, Xen, VMware. In this case, you are getting full administrative access server. The benefits of these server types can be relatively low cost, which can be installed on any software (defined by technical specifications of visualization technology) and system speed. If your site experiences significant traffic peaks, the latter is a very important option. The negative side of VPS / VDS servers for Magento is that the virtual machine performance is dependent on a load of neighboring sites.

Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is a very expensive hosting category compared to shared and VPS / VDS, but in this case, you are the server's only user, which basically guarantees maximum performance. If the ability to hold Magento site speed and high loading are very important, this is the variation you want to go for. What's more, you can select the server with specific discs and number, specific disk samples, RAID controller, sample and RAM type. Like a VPS / VDS server, you have full control over your server and can install the software you want. 



If you do not know how to select the server layout for your site, start with 4 CPU cores and 8 GB RAM and a VPS server. This allows you to change the resources without additional server configuration. Serve the servers with SSD disks, which increase the speed of database operations. These sources are available for the medium-sized Magento shop.

If for some reason VPS is not suitable for you, look at a dedicated server, but remember that you need a server with performance balances. Otherwise, your Magento store goes slow with traffic growth.


We strongly recommend that you have a version of your Magento store and you need to host for this version. To verify new extension or personalization, you may need a stage version to retrieve and test your backups. As a staging Magento site, we recommend visiting VPS / VDS servers. Remember that you need to keep your product site in the same server settings including PHP and MySQL. Obviously, a code can work in the wrong way on the platform, while at the same time there are no mistakes in the production site.

If your production server is VPS / VDS, ask your hosting company to create a new server based on an existing service. It is less than new to set up a new server. As a last resort, you can use a shared server for your Magento staging site but always remember about both PHP and MySQL related versions and settings for both production and standalone websites.


If you conduct marketing concessions and ads, your site can increase traffic levels, and cloud servers like Amazon and Rocksbase cannot handle virtual servers without virtual servers. By increasing the number of servers and connecting them to a pool they can buy their additional capabilities immediately.


So, these are the attributes that you need to look for while choosing for your Magento store. As you have seen in the above article, there are various types of hosting available. You can choose any of them according to your requirements or you can get help from Magento Development Company to host your Magento store on the server.

Praveen Raja
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