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How Artificial Intelligence Will Improve Your Customer Experience

Ashish Sharma
How Artificial Intelligence Will Improve Your Customer Experience

The era of artificial intelligence is coming, the technology of which has already proved its worth and effectiveness in various segments of the economy. Even if the technology of artificial intelligence (AI) has not yet crossed the threshold of the office of your company, this does not mean at all, that AI will not be used by you as a tool that will help you solve the most difficult and difficult tasks.


Do you know Albert? It is marketing platform that works with digital channels like Facebook and Google, analyses data, and then automatically configures marketing campaigns. It has already helped to increase the number of customers of Harley-Davidson by 2930%. Would you like to know how? Well with the help of simple Big Data.


What is AI in business?


In the case of Harley-Davidson, artificial intelligence evaluated the effectiveness of digital channels, creating additional opportunities to attract customers based on the information received. In other words, the system allocated resources only in those areas that really yielded results, thereby increasing the return on costs for digital marketing.


Artificial intelligence allows you to collect and analyze huge amounts of data, as well as make optimal conclusions based on them. Remember, the more relevant is your offer for the person; the better chances you have to close the deal. Let’s see how it’s possible.



Creating a more customized user experience


An increasing number of companies and brands, along with analysing data, trends of website visits, will use AI to customize the user experience. The need for the implementation of requests for contact information, e-mail and consumer names will disappear. All these data in the near future will be available through the use of artificial intelligence technology.


Transformation of methods and ways of using social media


The most significant impact of AI will be on social media. The technology of artificial intelligence can effectively use the methodology of behavioural targeting. It is this ability that will allow increasing the number of personalized and targeted content for the growth of sales of goods and services.


Providing customer support in 24/7 mode


The use of chat bots for round-the-clock customer support expands business opportunities to use client data in their CRM-systems to collect extremely valuable customer insight.


These data can be used to optimize various points of interaction with customers, including, for example, chat-bots, creating a feedback loop with consumers. Using the most important data about customers, the technology of artificial intelligence greatly expands the experience of the direct consumer.


The power of predictions


As online shopping becomes a new reality, the advanced integration of trillions of connected sensors will provide a deeper understanding of consumer models, which will allow retailers to anticipate customer requirements before they formulate them, and build a more efficient and improved logistics chain. This will allow buyers to fully see what they are buying, and help retailers more efficiently fulfil the orders.


Enhancing online security


In order to improve online security for customers data, IT infrastructure providers can apply the technologies of in-depth training and a generative and adversarial network. Cyberspace is changing at such a speed that information security professionals are not able to provide the necessary monitoring of changes and appropriate protection.


Only machines with AI technology can examine a huge array of data and in real time react to timely online threats.




Multimodal artificial intelligence allows the company to understand customers and interact with them in the best possible way. The artificial intelligence will estimated the effectiveness of digital channels, creating additional opportunities to attract new customers, whereas the retention rate will be growing rapidly. Personal approach to each of your clients will definitely help to facilitate your customers’ journey.

 Ashish Sharma is the Chief Marketing Officer at WeDigTech, a Mobile App Development Company in LA California US. He is responsible for marketing activities that have to do with creating, communicating and delivering offerings that have value for clients or business partners.

Ashish Sharma
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