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5 Awesome Robots in the Medical Field

Jayson Goetz
5 Awesome Robots in the Medical Field

They have always said, that if you combine the technological field with the medical field, you will have a limitless industry that can revolutionize the world. Not to mention, the fountain of wealth that comes with it. It takes a supremely skilled and intelligent person to mix the two, though. You have to be able to create reliable technology that will basically never malfunction. Some of us can’t even trust ourselves, so how would you create technology that you can trust 100 times out of 100? Here, we will dive into some of the most magnificent products ever created to revolutionize the way we see the medical field. Take notes, you may find some great inspiration.



The medical field is ranked as one of the busiest fields, so it will come to no surprise that sometimes your doctor can’t be there. The problem is, what if you are in a medical emergency and only your doctor knows what is going on with you? Or, if you are the doctor and there are patients and meetings you need to attend without flying across the country? Enter Telepresence Technology. The device looks a lot like a Segway with a really long neck (4 - 6 feet) that has a “head” on the top. In some situations, there will be a tablet where the head of the device usually is. On the tablet will be a facetime of your doctor. This way you can have a face to face conversation, even though the doctor is thousands of miles away. Handy, right? Telepresence will really allow powerful doctors from all around the world be able to diagnose patients as if they are in the room themselves.


Omnicell Pharmacy Robotic Dispensing System

One of the biggest problems in pharmacies today is that pharmacists often have their hands tied with sorting prescription drugs. This means less time for them to focus on helping you, and longer waiting lines with impatient people. We’ve all been there. Well, thanks to Omnicell’s Pharmacy Robotic Dispensing System, we can now kiss those days goodbye. You can refer to this as a prescription drug vending machine. Not only will it sort most of the pharmaceutical drugs for the pharmacists, but it will distribute, and accurately give the correct amount of medication to the patient. This will be revolutionary in the patient to prescription process, and have everyone across the board satisfied! Who thought a vending machine would revolutionize the medical industry?


Surgical Assistants

Whenever we hear the word surgeon, we think steady hands and precision. Surgeons have to go into another human’s body and carefully create incisions. If he or she accidentally moved one centimeter, it could fatally cut you. Well, humans may have the risk of having an uncontrollable muscle spasm or hand cramp, but robots take the cake on precision. The surgical assistant is a revolutionary robot in the medical field. Using 3DHD technology, surgeons can now utilize the special reference through augmented reality and natural stereo visualization to complete more complicated surgeries. The surgical assistant is still being controlled by the surgeon themselves, so you don't have to worry about a random robot completing its own surgery. Imagine a surgeon's genius mixed with the most precise machine - you can’t go wrong.


Room Disinfection Robots

When doing any medical work in the operating room, one of the biggest problems to always keep in mind is sanitation. Amazingly enough, a new technology is making a major impact when it comes to disinfecting a room efficiently. The new UV disinfection robots can disinfect a room within a few minutes. These robots can freely seek out areas in the room that may require some disinfection while the procedure goes on. Certainly, an incredible advancement in medical technology.


Transportation robots

Creating an efficient, self-sustaining system within a hospital is crucial. With all of these advancements in technology, you can see how the hospital will start to create more time for doctors to help you. To aid in this, even the small tasks can to be automated. Things like bringing food to a room for a patient can take a lot of time for a nurse throughout the day. Luckily the folks at Aethon have noticed the opportunity and has actually created a transportation robot called ‘Tug’ that will bring the food and other amenities to patients in their rooms. This will greatly free up time for nurses to help patients that need it, or even assist doctors. One small change can make the biggest difference!




The medical industry mixed with advanced technology go together better than peanut butter and jelly. There can only be positive influences coming from this marriage. Maybe one day, these medical advancements will actually increase the human life span and help create a healthier and more efficient world. As for now, it is amazing to watch this technology come to surface to show what humans are really capable of. We can’t wait to see the advancements in the next ten years!



Jayson Goetz
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