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How can Canadian Students Enhance their Writing and Learning Skills?

Aliza Gavin
How can Canadian Students Enhance their Writing and Learning Skills?

Writing is a highly complex and yet one of the most essential skills that college students might need to graduate and successfully get through towards college. Writing skills are the one criteria over which students will be judged the most during their academic years. Since most of what students have to undertake be it, exams, essays, research reports or assignments, all require excellent writing skills for students to be able to achieve good grades, those having impeccable writing skills will automatically succeed at everything.

Every student should work over improving their writing by practicing writing more and more, enhancing their reading beyond the realm of the assigned coursework and gaining advice from the instructors pertaining to their writing.

Even though, you cannot improve without working hard on your skills, analyzing the tried and tested methods pertaining to writing and acting upon them, can make a huge difference.

Here are some of the tips that can be followed to bring about significant improvement:

1- Adopt structural writing:

It is very pertinent to develop a structure for your writing by ensuring that there is much clarity over the concepts you are writing about. If your goal of writing is to achieve a certain result, think about what it is going to be. Throughout the course of writing, you must stick to that purpose.

2- Create an Outline:

It may not require much organization of thoughts if you are composing a simple e-mail but if you are tasked with writing something that is of a more complex nature and involves many elements, it might be pertinent to get all the stuff you would be writing for, organized. That is, before you set up to write. You can do so by developing an outline or quick notes pertaining to the topics you are going to cover. Developing this rough abstract will help you write coherently and serve as a framework or roadmap for whatever you write.

3- Get into the Reader’s Mind:

Try to think like the reader would, by putting yourself in his shoes. Try to figure out, whether your reader has enough of a context to be able to understand, what you are trying to tell, without making it difficult for them with excessive details.  

4- Eliminate words that make your sentences wordier:

A huge mistake made by most students is that they try to write exceptionally long or complex sentences so they can sound more intellectual or intelligent, however using shorter sentences and eliminating words that make the sentence longer can often times have a far greater impact!

Certain words when used, do nothing but clutter up the whole thing, while not contributing much of anything. They lead towards making your paragraph’s wordier and therefore uncomfortable for the reader. For instance, “great” can be used instead of “the absolute best” or “shocking” can be used instead of “really extremely surprising”.

5- Learn to accept the mediocrity of first drafts:

You may think very highly of the work you are used of reading, written by the best writers, which seems to be absolute perfect. You may think that they make remarkable writing with little effort, but nothing could be further from the truth!

All good writers do not produce a masterpiece in their very first attempt or first draft. First drafts are almost always a waste of space and time and even the best writers dedicate a lot of time editing and modifying their initially written material that they cannot show others out of embarrassment.

6- Imitate writing style of the best writer’s:

You must not confuse mere imitation with plagiarism. Both are radically different. Everyone has a favorite writer who they like to read the most. For instance, some like John Grisham, some are fans of Harry Potter series by JK rowling, some like horror fiction by Stephen King and so on.

A winning strategy could be to figure out what you admire the most about those writers as well as their writing style, for instance whether they use harmless humor to bring color to a dark theme or dry subject, do they use references to current trends that are popular among masses, to make their work engaging and relatable? You can then try to imitate their style to improve your own writing.

7- Become a Fan of Editing:

What makes the best writers the best at what they do is, their flair for editing. They are in fact, their own biggest critics. However, at an amateur level in high school, editing too much can be a big deal for. It may even frustrate you to the point of giving up. But you must understand that a lot of writing is actually composed of rewriting.

It is crucial for you as a beginner to develop the temperament to edit your own work and remove any unnecessary words in order to make it more to the point. You can do this by going berserk on your work and not taking any mistakes lightly.

8- Research Thoroughly:

Apart from plagiarizing, the worst offence a student can do when it comes to academic writing, is that of not researching properly. This usually happens when the deadline is fast approaching and you feel the need to cram the paper with statistics haphazardly, without caring about the sources, sometimes even cooking such statistics up. Don’t rely exclusively on Wikipedia which most students do, rather explore various journals, magazines etc where you can better find what you are looking for.

However, in the end if you still find yourself unable to improve your writing and gain laurels, there are so many essay writing websites in Canada available, to help you out!

Aliza Gavin
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