Padmapper continue the festive mood : rail project launching tomorrow

rayhan jamil

Padma Bridge Rail Link construction project, the launch of the Sunday left, Madaripur and Shariatpur on tour, going to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. There Party public meeting statement to give to the Prime Minister. His tour surrounds the region now in the festive mood. Has been strengthened security measures.

Sunday (October 14) afternoon, Madaripur of its in Elias Ali Gorges area, Party public meeting statement, will the Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister's rally around the millions of Souls entrants to be optimistic, local leaders. Unblock zorcor undergoing all the preparations. Before the election, the prime minister, the visit was important, said a think local Awami League souls the.

Note, Shariatpur, of Jazeera, and left the mower at the edge of Padma Bridge Rappe construction and Main River governance was adjacent to permanent defense works, the launch of the four projects, the foundation will set up to Prime Minister. In the morning, Padma Bridge in mawa in the Padma Bridge Rappe opening will Prime Minister. At the time, Padma bridge, construction of an in progress inspection will he.

Awami League general secretary and stunt David Cameron who yesterday, Friday, Padma Bridge, Shariatpur, in Jazeera part of the work, inspect the progress of the Prime Minister's three-district tour the know of the matter.

David Cameron who said on October 14, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, left, Shariatpur, and Madaripur will visit. At the tour, he said many programs will take part. He Rappe the launch, including Padma bridge construction project, the progress of the inspection.

3 years time, wants the contractor organization

Padma Bridge contractor organization working to end the three-year time refuses initially, the project term being extended to one year. Tomorrow, Sunday, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina project areas visited during this announcement, as well as Padma Bridge, railway connection, including 4 of the project, the launch of talking.

River bank and the Pro that built upon vanadate with Bridge, from vehicles to come down the street. The original bridge out of the river, two draining so one after another, the sky, the book of the head to make such 81 the pillar.

Ready to vehicular traffic for the toll plaza. The other three projects, connecting roads, service area and rehabilitation work percent end if the target compared to the quite lagging behind the main bridge and river training work.

River mower edge, the one with Ready 4 the pillar. But the whole river, scattered work, lets say, this December in the finishing work. In this case, contractor Organization, China Major Bridge Company 3 years, consultant institutions, the Korean Expressway 20 months time to raise the letter gave. The river regime will be in charge of Sino-Hydro, letter to the gearing. However, the government more than a year to expand, not the project term.

Project Director Shafiqul Islam said Contractor time to seek can. But our experts will decide how much time it takes. I don't want to pay can't. Or go to can't.

The original bridge is 17% going forward in 2015 after Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina project formal job opening. Thereafter, work continued in full swing. The original bridge, a total of 294 pie-in SAT has 178 the. In this situation the Sunday Prime Minister going to work on the project, visit the.

Principal consultant, Padma Multipurpose Bridge project's major consultant, Professor, Dr. Jamil Rahman Reza Chowdhury said 60 per cent share have been completed, so the formal symbols. Locals said, ‘bridge pillar. Now rise of the rest. Bridge was the one without God, no one do not know what is joy.’

In the end, the bridge's name have been finalized, Padma Multipurpose Bridge. At the Prime Minister name the bridge sample opening, including the Padma Bridge Rail Link project, starting mower Candida area 13th meter permanent river shore Defense Project.

2015 December 12, Prime Minister Padma Bridge project was inaugurated by. Exactly three years this December, work on hundred percent completion of the talk. However, many technical and natural complexity, in the end, it is not. So the project term, just how long being extended to its specific announcement, as well as at noon, the people's expectations, working quickly to finish the announcement, will the Prime Minister.

rayhan jamil
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