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How to Optimize E-commerce Websites

Sam Smith
How to Optimize E-commerce Websites

Organizations having the best products and website but cannot be reached by the consumers, are in disaster. Most of the customers while purchasing use the google search engine. Therefore you have to appear on the first page when your product lines are searched by the customers. For this to happen SEO can help you.

SEO helps in optimizing your e-commerce websites to rank higher to make them visible by the target. More the traffic,  more is the chance of increase in sale. Here is how SEO optimizes your e-commerce website to rank top.

Setting up efficient keywords

Keywords play vital role in ranking of e-commerce websites. And it is crucial to choose proper keywords as well. It is advisable to choose keywords from customers point of view, use of the products, think the niche market for the product where competitors have not yet reached.

The anchor text

Anchor text helps your SEO to maximize the potential of the links on the pages. The links can be looked natural with anchor text such as “here” to lead the visitors to go to the similar products pages as you wish to.

No duplicate content

Take care of the duplicate pages opening while clicking on different links. Duplicate pages may make your potential customers leave your website causing loss in sale and the customer as well. All the pages must be unique and relevant.

Product descriptions

Product description is equally important like product headlines. It should be complete so that anybody going through it can understand the product. At the same time it should be unique and appealing having relevant keywords so that Google can find them easily.

Optimized product images

Product images are the triggering factor for e-commerce websites. Hence the images must be of very high quality, compelling and unique and have the potential to be found by the Google Images’ search results. It can help in driving a lot of traffic back to your website. You can also add valuable and unique keywords with the images to describe what it is all about.

Optimized URL

Even though most people ignore it, URLs play very important role for your SEO. The optimized URLs help the search engines to get find out and crawl the website to understand about it. The optimized URL structure also makes it easy to prepare the index of e-commerce website. Not only this, it can inform the visitors about the page and improve their search experience. An user friendly structure keeps  the visitors engaged on the website for longer time to increase the chances of converting them into customers. Hence while designing the URL, think from the customer’s point of view.


Next important factor is the navigation of your e-commerce website. Without proper navigation there may be lot of difficulties for the visitors and they will be unable to either find the product or end up purchasing it. Therefore link the home page to your product pages and then offer relevant landing pages to make them purchasing your product without any hassle.

A fully optimized e-commerce website gets the traffic and is able to convert them to customer as well. Not only this, happy customers keep on coming back with additional traffic with them too. That is why to be success, your website must be optimized in all respect.

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Sam Smith
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