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How To Fill Cremation Jewelry?

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How To Fill Cremation Jewelry?

Wearing a loved one’s ashes refers to eternal love and intimacy. We honor your personal need by explaining how to fill a jewelry urn or pet cremation jewelry with the ashes. In case you are uncomfortable in doing it yourself, you can request your crematorium or any other service provider to do it for you. The process can be quite personal and intimidating for the person creating it, so you better choose a place where you can do it comfortably.


Things you will need

  • A thin towel
  • Small sheet of paper
  • Sharp toothpick
  • A small sieve
  • A small funnel
  • Liquid adhesive
  • Small screwdriver
  • Plastic spoon
  • Necklace to put the ash in


Now that all materials are sorted, you will have to determine what kind of jewelry urn you have:

  • Top-loaded jewelry urn with a twist off cap.
  • Bottom-loaded urn of the jewelry that is fastened by a screw.
  • Back-Loaded urn of the jewelry that is fastened by a screw.

You can get customized pendants for ashes too. There are a few shops that do it for you by taking charge. Now you need to decide if you want to seal the locket permanently or temporarily. If permanently then go for strong adhesion or tiny screw locks.


How to fill ashes in the jewelry urn?

Follow the below easy instructions to fill your jewelry urn:

  • Place the thin, clean towel on a sturdy workspace. This makes sure that all the components and pendants for ashes are visible properly and don’t get lost.
  • First lay out the tools, materials and the container with ashes on the towel.
  • Put a paper piece on the top of a towel or napkin. You can then place the portion of the remains onto the paper and in order to separate the bits of ashes and finer ashes, one can use a spoon. The paper can also be used to collect the other ashes while putting them to the urn.
  • Locate the screw jewelry cap, and open the ash chamber using a small screwdriver. Be careful, you do not scratch the jewelry.
  • With the help of the plastic spoon, scoop up a tiny bit of the fine ashes from the paper.
  • Place the tiny funnel to the opening of the compartment. If the urn doesn’t lie flat, consider having someone you.
  • Pour a small amount the ash into the funnel. Gently shake and push them through the funnel.
  • Use the toothpick to remove anything else from the threads.
  • At this point, you’ll close the urn with the screw.


That’s it and the pet cremation jewelry is ready for you!

Andrew is interested in modern day jewelry and here, he speaks about pet cremation jewelry or memorial jewelry in other words. Pendants for ashes are quite personal and their beauty is un-matchable to other contemporaries and the other forms of jewelry. The pet cremation urn is also elegant and a very nice memory of the loved one.

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