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What can cloud hosted pbx do for your new York small business

Apoorv Bhatnagar
What can cloud hosted pbx do for your new York small business

For any business, keeping proper communication channels open for its customers is imperative. Since long time, businesses of all types have relied on telephony for interacting with their customers and it also doubles up as a support channel. It is simple to use and enables instant communication where it has edge over newer digital communication modes like email. While live chat and social media platforms are being deployed by many businesses, telephone is not obsolete. The noteworthy thing is phasing out of age old wired telephony has gained momentum in business scene. More businesses are switching to cloud telephony solutions for their needs.

Why cloud telephony is apt for small businesses

You will be mistaken to think that cloud pbx solutions are only suited for MNCs and technology bigwigs that operate in many countries. The reality is midsized ventures are lapping it up along with fast growing startups! It can be ideal for your small business too. However, it is necessary that you get facts clear on benefits of using a VoIP solution before investing in it. The startups get many advantages by embracing VoIP services including brand image development, better customer experience, enhanced productivity, lower running cost and time saving etc. Owing to these, sustenance and growth gets easier.

Listed below are the major advantages for startups that embrace cloud telephony services:

  • Reduced cost of operation- For a startup, keeping operational costs on low side is nothing short of bliss! In this regard, using VoIP solutions makes sense. When you choose cloud telephony there is nothing like investing heavily in hardware and peripherals as these services do not rely too much on specific hardware devices. Besides, the call charges tend to be lower than regular telephony services. Some startups may have to make overseas calls and they can save money by switching to VoIP setup.
  • Compact workspace friendly- Many startups operate in compact setups these days. Some of these ventures operate in shared workspaces too. In such setups, using VoIP service is way better and practical than using wired telephony. Cloud telephony is dependant mostly on cloud and software service and so it gels well with such setups.
  • Productivity boost-Nowadays, the customers expect more from the companies they buy services and products from. So, a small sized venture should put in efforts to enhance productivity. By using VoIP solutions, enhancing operational productivity is possible. These software can handle repetitive and basic tasks related to call handling- thereby freeing up agents. So, they can focus on important chores and overall productivity gets a boost.
  • Good for relocation-When your small business starts its journey, it can be run in a small office or rented workspace. However, after some time, relocation becomes imperative. When your startup has to relocate, the company assets needs to be transported to the destinations. These include the services used by the company. Shifting wired telephony setup can be hassle! However, the startups using cloud telephony services face almost no hassles in this regard.
  • Ease of setting up and configuring-Small businesses that do not have enough employees or technical experts, should not face any trouble in installing VoIP solutions and configuring later. These applications are simple to install and your employees can configure the apps post installation minus woes too. There is no need to hire any expert for setting things up.
  • Flexibility of number usage- If you want your startup to appear professional, using apt type of numbers makes sense. You may for example, want to use toll free numbers for your venture. The VoIP solutions support such numbers. These apps can be used with both landline and mobile numbers. In fact, it is also possible to use foreign numbers with these applications. You can retain any existing number after deploying VoIP in your startup as well. You can use numbers with new York area code as well.
  • Video calling- For a startup, sending employees to meet faraway customers or prospective clients may not always be possible owing to budget restraints. In such situations, you can use video calling to interact with such clients. Using recent generation cloud telephony apps, HD video calling is simple. You can also do video conferencing at ease any time using such applications. This also lends a professional image to your small venture.
  • Device support flexibility- In small companies, BYOD policy may be in effect at times. The employers bring their own devices for work. In some companies, different types of computers and devices are used as well. So, in such setups using telephony service with high device compatibility makes sense! In this enraged, voip solutions score over wired telephony. The cloud telephony apps can be used with computers of nearly all types and they can also be run on hybrid web access devices.
  • Overcome external hassles- Sometimes, the employees of your startup may face problems in reaching workspace owing to several external factors. They may face hurdles in reaching workspace when there are weather hazards like heavy storm, rain or snowfall etc. Transport hassles may crop up unexpectedly at times which may make it hard for the workforce to report to work! Sometimes, they may not be able to commute owing to illness but still may work from home.  In such trying times, VoIP solutions can be saviors. The employers can work from home using VoIP apps and continue the workflow.
  • Minimal maintenance and repair woes and costs- In startups, evading additional costs is a necessity. When landline based telephony is used it becomes hard to evade the repair and maintenance related expenses. Wiring may get worn out and damaged for several reasons in business setups leading to periodic replacement and repair. These may add to regular expenditure in the companies. When VoIP is there in place, such extra cost can be largely avoided. This is because in cloud telephony- role of wiring is minimal. If the service is down, you have to notify the software vendor. The vendor will do the needful to restore service.
  • Easily scalable setup= When you start using telephony in your startup, a few numbers and support agents may be there. However, over the years scaling up operations and using more numbers may be required. If VoIP solution is used, scaling up operations is not difficult at all. It does not take much time either.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction- Even for a startup, it is important to focus on enhancing level of customer satisfaction. This is a pre requisite for brand image development and long term revenue growth. When VoIP service is deployed in your company- it is easier to enhance customer satisfaction. The extensive call management features lead to faster call reception, automated call routing to specific numbers and call conferencing when it is required. The customers are greeted with voice messages when the agents are busy attending other callers. All these make the callers happy about service quality.
  • Security- The modern cloud telephony software come with adequate safety features. These features are handy to ensure important customer details and company data does not get leaked or hacked. Features like password protection and additional authentication are available in these applications.
Apoorv Bhatnagar
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