Move over Master Bedrooms, it’s all about Master Bathrooms now!

monish chhabria

Over the years, building and designing homes has seen a paradigm shift. In the 1980s, bedrooms were generally compact and came with a tiny attached bathroom. It was purely seen as a utilitarian space or ‘necessary room’ for ablutions and personal hygiene. This one bathroom was generally shared with the rest of the family. Fast forward to the 1990s, the world of interior design saw the advent of master bedrooms. They were humongous, luxurious spaces that were more than just sleeping chambers. This particular room usually belonged to the head of the family.

During the mid-1990s and 2000s, the master bedrooms paved the way for the master bathrooms. These master baths were often larger than the room itself. Today, they areconsidered an extension of the masterbedroom and are typically located within or adjacent to it.

Functional storage design, state-of-art lighting, dedicated powder rooms, extra-large showers, smart toilets, wardrobes and exceptional plumbing fixtures are prominent features every master bathroom should have.

Characteristically opulent, today’s master bathroomsare also incorporating lamps, stylish telephone tables and an array of mementoes.

It closely resembles a living-room style bathroom too where it has become a sanctuary for people to escape into another realm and unburden from the stresses of contemporary life.Master bathrooms are usually designed for co-use. This means, two people can use it at the same time.

A well-designed master bathroom also increases a home’s resale value.

Here are few features you must establish when planning a master bathroom:

  • Assess the space you have:When it comes to designing a master bath, there are no fixed rules. Go with the notion, the bigger the better. It is a great idea to incorporate double walk-in showers, a long countertop featuring a double sink, partitioned area for a toilet, dressing area and a place to lounge. Hi-tech master bathrooms these days feature televisions and sound systems too.
  • Get enough space for everything:Minimalism is the ground rule of every master bathroom. To make your master bathroom look as large as possible, add plenty of storage. Drawers, rollout shelves, trash pullouts, floating vanities, and recessed cabinets are all valuable additions to your master bath.
  • Clever lighting:The lighting in a master bathroom has to be planned according to every individual’s needs. While performing morning duties and getting ready, excellent general lighting is a must whereas the night will require indirect accent lighting. Instead of having too many fixtures, opt for a cleaner look by concealing lights behind the mirror so that you can take advantage of the best lighting during all hours.
  • Mirror mirror on the wall:To add a ‘wow’ factor to your master bath, go beyond the conventional mirrors. Choose something out-of-the-box that will truly make interesting details and styles standout. To create an impact, you can even have a chandelier on the ceiling that will reflect light on the mirror.

When designing a master bathroom, elegance and efficiency is what you must aim for. If the space in your bathroom gives you the liberty to play around, get a whirlpool tub as a centrepiece of your bathroom.

What makes master bathrooms a replica of master bedrooms is the way it is planned. When choosing bathroom furniture, you can include a large armchair, small sofa or a day bed for reclining and relaxing. To further enhance the ambience in your bathroom, add texture by way of rugs, plants and bathroom accessories. When choosing bath linen, opt for soft furnishings as they add a touch of luxury to your bathroom space.

Turning your regular bath space into a sanctuary of wellbeing and luxury is our forte. We invite you to make an appointment with our in-house designers so you can explore the myriad of possibilities in master bathrooms. To learn more, visit our website https://chabsons.com/

monish chhabria
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