Debunking Myths of Joomla Development

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May 02, 2019 05:56

Myths are like fire - they spread intensely and burn the whole forest down. In the sphere of technology, any misconception related to a particular terminology will mitigate the consumption of that particular technology.

Here are the myths of Joomla development


  • You can’t expect an elegant website

By all means, Joomla has what it takes to create an attractive website for your business. With Joomla, you can develop vibrant and customized webpages which can engage your visitors and convert them as your consumers.

Joomla can create versatile templates which will allow you to develop a professional website.


  • You won’t find resources for Joomla Development

This is one of the notorious myth of Joomla Development. People do have a feeling that Joomla developers are scarce and very few are talented enough to cope with the project requirement.

Well, you can easily get talented and Professional Joomla Developers at every corner of the world. If you are looking for dedicated agencies, there are thousands of development companies who can collaborate with you and complete your Joomla website.e

Moreover, Joomla does have an active community where anyone can ask a technical question or development query if they are stuck somewhere. The contributors of the Joomla community are developers themselves and they will give an immediate response to your questions.


  • You Cannot Have a Featureful website

With more than 8000 extensions on the web, there are unlimited possible features you can integrate on your website. Joomla extensions can help you achieve any possible objective including marketing, sales, advertising, development, communication, blogging, website management, etc.

All the Joomla extensions have category labels and rating, so users can decide which extensions are better for their needs. With more than 33 categories, you can literally add any kind of feature on your website.

However, if you want to build your own extension, you should opt Joomla Extension Development to get your desired extension.


  • Joomla is not SEO-friendly

Joomla’s user interface allows you to take care of basic SEO functions all by yourself. You can get search engine friendly URLs of your webpages instantly while creating the webpage. You can also target specific keywords, write and edit meta tags, optimize content to help your SEO activities.


  • Joomla Development is Costlier

Well, any project can be further optimized if you invest more but it is not a way to do business. With Joomla, you get productive cost-cutting on your project development thanks to Joomla’s open source nature.

Joomla is freely available to everyone for commercial use by allowing everyone to download and develop a Professional Joomla Website for their business. Moreover, Joomla also has attractive and friendly website templates and extensions which can revolutionize the user experience of your website.


Joomla is in the top 3 content management system where the other two are Wordpress and Magento. The rise of Joomla is evident and the platform is here to stay.

Feel free to drop your comments regarding the versatile platform.


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webclues global
May 02, 2019 05:56
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