Feng Shui and Health Benefits

Sonam Mehta

We all would love to live in a cozy, well-decorated house. There are many times we are at work or even outside with our friends and the only thing we are thinking is when we will be back in our home comfort. While most of us have in our mind to decorate our place with beautiful items, we forget a very important factor I am talking about feng shui. To simply put it, by saying Feng Shui in these modern times, we mean the placement of objects in such an order and place that good energy will flow. And trust me, we live in such a difficult reality that we need that good energy when we go back to our place. Our home should be a place where we find peace and relax. Considering this, it is clear that a home designed according to Feng Shui products is a home better for our own health.


We all know stress can be disastrous for our mental and body health. A great example of a Feng Shui object is Wu Lou, shaped like a two-segment bottle that absorbs the negative energy. Statues of the Buddha are considered to have a positive effect in the area, Of course, we should take into consideration other variables too, like having clean, fresh air in our rooms, or sufficient lighting. Fixing broken objects, clearing the entrance (letting the energy flow directly in our house and our lives) of the house or placing some plants may sound like simple solutions but play a great role too when it comes to improving our health and our quality of living.


Moreover, our home in which we spent so much time in our lives, is the place that will determine if we are going to be still or move forward and complete our dreams. It all has to do with the energy surrounding us.


Moving forward, very useful information is that the east sector is the sector associated with good health. Ways to activate the health sector is by activating the wood element with plants and wooden furniture while placing an aquarium or a fountain is also a great move,


Concerning our bedroom, a very important room of our beloved home, a recommended move is to place the bed to the "commanding position". This position is far from the door, but still having a clear view of it. This position allows us to be stronger while calmer at the same time.


Having said all these, it is now in our understanding that Feng Shui is something we should never forget and consider it a different and distant part of our lives. It is clear that is something that plays a very important role in our daily routine, helping us to deal with the everyday frustrations and difficulties of life. You can discuss with feng shui consultant in Lucknow for your health benefits and home decoration.


The everyday stress and pressure, the problems in our work, or college or in any other environment can be very harmful to our health. It is of grave importance that we will make ourselves a favor and make a home that is really a home.


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Sonam Mehta
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