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Feng Shui Consultation For Your Life

Sonam Mehta
Feng Shui Consultation For Your Life

 Feng Shui is one of the most used and popular ancient mystic art and science that first originated in China and it has in existence since the last 3,000 years.

In literal translation, Feng refers to the English word “wind”, while Shui refers to the word “water”.

In Chinese culture, is it said that wind and water are associated with good health of a person, thus good feng shui means “having good fortune” and in contrast, bad feng shui means “having bad luck”

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Some integral elements of this mystic art practice even date back to at least 6,000 years, and it contains elements from various other branches such as physics, astronomy, astrology, and philosophy.

It is closely related to the Taoism and understanding of natural things, and particularly the idea that the land is alive and it is filled with “Chi” or energy.

The mystic art is sometimes called the art of placement of ourselves and objects within a space that affects the life of a person in various areas of experience. It is a complex body of knowledge that teaches us how to perfectly balance energy and harmonize it accordingly in any given place.

The aim of the mystic art is to assure good luck to people who are inhabiting a place. Although it is regarded by some people in the scientific community as an example of pseudoscience, the mystic art has had an impact on the aesthetics of both interior design and architectural layout of all living and working place both in its native place in the Eastern and now recently, Western cultures.

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Since good luck comes in many forms such as good health, a successful career, and, happy love life, the practice of the mystic art includes many detailed tips for us in almost every area of our lives.

The main instruments that are used in analyzing the mystic art of any place are the Feng Shui compass and the Bagua.

Do the following things that you should be doing if you wish to have a positive life:

  • Minimalism

In recent years, living minimalistic has surged as a strong movement. There are many blogs on the internet that are solely devoted to spreading the idea and benefits of living life minimally, which means living on the bare minimum.

We often don’t realize that our living place and office became a lot of cluttered. We fill those places with things that we don’t even need.

To be more aware, we must be more conscious about the things that we are buying and that thing’s placement in our home and office.

According to Feng Shui Consultant in Lucknow, A cluttered home and office become stagnant, which means no new energy can enter there.

This is why we should clear our home and office and make it clutter-free and let those good energy enter.

  • Improve your surroundings

If you are one of those who remain sad or angry all the time, look at your surroundings and examine what is making you sad. Take out those things which are negative.

We should realize that we subconsciously project our current state of mind in our living atmosphere.

If you want to live a happy and healthy life, invite positivity and cut negativity.

Look at the way your surroundings are arranged, and make necessary changes and watch how your mood quickly changes in a beautiful way.

If you are still confused about what to do, try consulting an expert. There are many Feng Shui Consultants in Delhi available.

Sonam Mehta
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