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Drivemate: Rent a car direct from owner. New Start Up

Chinnaphat Sriwasumetharassamee
Drivemate: Rent a car direct from owner. New Start Up

Getting to know service car home from the car owners directly

     Many people may be wondering what the service car home. today come to know the service car home from the car owners directly. which car home from the car owners directly, it is a rental car from the owner car verified by car owners to bring cars into the site represented the tenant, and the rent was met, similar to Airbnb, but is in the form of cars by tenants can book through the app or website easily and quickly fits the era.

     Drivemate is a platform for Peer to Peer Car Sharing a very popular is               # 1 of Thailand, which Drivemate founded from the concept that, because from the average of the most people used car to find that people use the car an average of just 4 – 6 hours/day only and in 1 day have 24 hours to make 1 car was found abandoned, just like the useless up to 18 – 20 hours/day when the car was parked many cars together, it can be thought of as the money a tremendous value up to 100 million baht per day Drivemate it has created a Car-Sharing Platform, to provide people with private cars can make money by rent and let the people who want to use the car can choose car models that want to comfortably.




Rent a car with a provincial trip across Thailand

          current Drivemate is a Car-Sharing Platform, one of Thailand's received feedback from users as well as all members in the system, more than 45,000 people have cars in the system up to 9,000 cars and there are those who visit the page reached 6 million views from company Drivemate be opened in 2016, found that we have a top book per month, higher and higher, with peak Booking 3,000 units/month, which is its strengths, the price of Drivemate service was over, the General market up to 20% on both Drivemate also have car service to 45 provinces and has expanded further to cover all 77 provinces in Thailand, and we have various kinds of cars, such as Ecocar, SUVs, Luxury Car, Super Car, van, car, home, etc. there is car hire with a driver (Drivemate Limo) to facilitate for those who want to rent a car, but don't want to self-drive.


Advantages of rent a car for provincial trip across Thailand with Drivemate


  1. Car hire provinces withDrivemate select a location, get a car.
    in car rentals upcountry by car with the owner directly make, you can choose to get a car, anywhere.
  2. the
  3. New car lifetime.
    car for rent is a new car model, age, use no more than 100,000 km
  4. the
  5. Have a car with reliable quality
    the cars are rented through the maintenance period is perfectly safe in all travel, we recommend car hire provinces with us.
  6. the
  7. Car hire provinces withDrivemate safe and secure 100% off
    car rental in the provinces, that brought the rent to us with the insurance of the LMG all the cars if the customer caused the accident, during the use of service car rental in the provinces, with us, we provide emergency assistance, 24-hour customer
  8. the
  9. Variety of car rental provincial rental more than 100 models to choose from
    we encourage owners of all cars involved in to earn extra money with us, so cars almost every brand, almost every version, so have to rent with our help added option to find car rental upcountry on the way.
  10. the
  11. Used the car in during a long pause, not charts add
    Drivemate-conscious customers who want to use car hire to the provinces, we in service and justice and not charts add to the value and satisfaction of customers using a car rental service with us.



why should I hire a car trip with a Drivemate

why use car hire to Drivemate because we have the information to choose and hire the best and provide the information correctly, the Cams and car rental services the provinces of us, there are also many advantages as follows:

  1. Reduces the risk of the trip because the service rent-a-car, the provincial model car hire to choose from a wide range and a quality car, you can choose cars to meet the lifestyle you want for all your travel more comfortable than ever.
  2. the
  3. Private service, rent a car upcountry make you comfortable in travel, even more, want to visit the sights or do business where it can be done in fluent
  4. the
  5. Convenience adds the option of travel if you must travel in various places, would not deny that the use of service car rental in the provinces, with Drivemate that needs to travel as well and help to increase comfort in travel as well.

Credit : www.drivemate.asia

Chinnaphat Sriwasumetharassamee
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