Types of Analytics to Improve Decision Making

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We living in a world where the sum of data collected is increasing every second. When such a high capacity of data is being produced, it’s only natural to have tools that will support us handle all of this data. Raw information is often a quantity of formless information. Data analysts use their skill to originate statistically important information from the data. Data Analytics Services.

What is Data Analytics?

Data analytics is the method of transforming, extracting, packing, modeling, and drawing decisions from data to make decisions. It’s the “drawing conclusions” bit that BI tools are most worried about, as the extracting, transforming, and loading phases usually occur at the database level. 

Types of Data Analytics

There are four types of data analytics to making sense out of information once it’s been arranged for reporting, and these are

  • Descriptive data analytics
  • Diagnostic data analytics
  • Predictive data analytics
  • Prescriptive data analytics

Descriptive Data Analytics

As the name suggests, descriptive analysis or information can review raw data and change it into a procedure that can be simply understood by persons. They can define in detail about an event that has happened in the past. This type of analytics is supportive in arising any pattern if any from past procedures or drawing clarifications from them so that better tactics for the future can be outlined

Diagnostic Data Analytics

The clear successor to descriptive analytics is diagnostic analytics. Diagnostic analytical tackles help an analyst to dig deeper into a problem at finger so that they can reach the basis of a problem.

Predictive Data Analytics

Predictive analytics is all near forecasting. Whether it’s the probability of an event in the future, predicting a quantifiable amount or approximating a point in time at which something might occur these are all done, finished predictive models. Predictive models typically use a variety of variable data to make the forecast. Read more…...

Sataware Technologies
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