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Lube Trucks – Benefits and Features

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Lube Trucks – Benefits and Features


Lube trucks need no introduction. These trucks come under the category of heavy utility vehicles. They are used to carry lubricated products like greases, oils, and types of fluids. Lube skid play a vital role in transporting these lubricated products from one place to another. If you are into the petroleum industry and are looking out for transport options, lube trucks can be the best option for you.

They have an advanced in-built storage tank. This storage tank is used to store the fluid inside safely. It is a very high-quality and sturdy vehicle avoiding any possibilities of fluid spillage and leakage. These are rightly called as self-co ntained vehicles. You can book lube trucks for sale from a trusted and reputed dealer. The advanced models come with attached auxiliary equipment like drills, welders, generators, and compressors. Do you know that lube trucks are one of the most expensive heavyweight machinery? But they kind of versatility and endurance it offers are matchless.

What are the Different Types of Lube Trucks?

Lube trucks are of two different types. Keep reading on to understand it further:

Enclosed Lube Truck – The best part about these enclosed lube trucks are that they are completely covered from all sides. This offers extra protection to the fluid stored in it. These trucks are easier to maintain. They don’t need a separate parking space in the garage. The fluid stored inside also safe from harsh weather effects, dust, and pollution. This will also maintain the inner temperature of the storage container.

Open Lube Trucks – You can save a substantial amount if you opt to purchase an open lube truck for transporting lubricated fluid from one place to another. As the name suggests, they do not offer any special outer protection to the storage tank and lube truck. They are exposed to harsh weather conditions and can also raise the temperature of the container.

What are Benefits of using a Lube Truck?

Lube trucks have come as a blessing to the petrochemical industry. Here are some advantages of using lube trucks:

  • Durable and sturdy transport option
  • Lube truck offers affordable insurance rates when compared to other heavy utility vehicles
  • Driving a lube truck is not rocket science. Any driver with basic understanding of driving skills can drive a lube truck
  • Also, the drivers need not undergo special training for this
  • You need not purchase lube trucks every time you need them. These special heavy vehicles are available on lease. All you need to do is consult a reputed dealer and rent a truck.

Lube trucks are a very useful vehicle. It is a boon for the lubrication fluid dealers. They are available at affordable rates and you can also take them on lease. You can choose from the two types of trucks available in market. You see, choosing an enclosed lube truck can safeguard your fluid in much better manner as compared to the open trucks. Hope you will choose the right truck for your business.


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