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Why Grow your Own Marijuana?

indoor growpackage
Why Grow your Own Marijuana?
  • Save oodles of cash growing compared to buying.
  • You won’t EVER run out, or suffer through “dry spells”.
  • Never worry again about getting “over-medicated” from Marijuana strain too potent for you.
  • Medical Marijuana patients can be rest assured their own “product” is free of toxins.
  • Know exactly what strain you’re getting.
  • Guarantee the potency of your own Buds.
  • Mother Nature’s Purity: Health Nuts will always be able to grow “all-organic”.
  • 100% more convenient.

1.Growing cannabis at home allows you to become your own master cultivator, giving you complete autonomy to control every aspect of the cultivation process. Given that there are so many different ways to become a successful cannabis grower at home, one of the most intrinsically rewarding aspects of this process is developing a system that works just right for you. Whether you are looking to cultivate organically, hydroponically, in soil containers, or raised beds, there is a system out there designed to make growing cannabis both easy and fun for your individual preference.Having control over a grow not only gives a grower the opportunity to personalize their own cultivation style, it affords a level of safety for those who want to take precautions in order to create a safe-to-consume product. Certain pesticides, fungicides, miticides, fertilizers, and other garden amendments may be harmful to someone with a compromised immune system. Due to the lack of transparency when it comes to regulating garden inputs in some states, it can be unsafe for some individuals to rely on these products for their medicine. With home grow laws in place, patients who are in these positions can take control over their medicine by producing it in the comfort of their homes.


2.You'll save money growing your own cannabis. You can start growing cannabis with a budget of any size, and the cost difference between buying cannabis flowers outright vs. growing them yourself is often substantial. Most plants produce about an ounce of cannabis flowers (after drying/curing) and with a controlled indoor growing system you can manage several successful crops each year.


3."Dope will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no dope.“ Unless you’re lucky to live in Amsterdam or Barcelona you most likely won’t be able to chose bud from a menu - if there’s any at all, depending on your location! More likely, you depend on what’s on offer by friends and friends of friends. Plus, you possibly have to deal with people you’d rather not.

When you grow your own you can escape both subpar weed and times of no weed at all. Plus, you don’t have to make that suspicious phone call.


4.As you may know, not only the flowers of cannabis can be utilised; the whole cannabis plant has something to offer for you. Be it leaves, trimmings, sugar leaves or even stems – they all contain cannabinoids (not as much as the flowers, though) and can be used to great effect. Popular uses are making edibles, tinctures, hash or even rolling a leaf cigar. The possibilities are almost endless, see? This way, you can up the benefits of growing your own cannabis even more and get a variety of weed products. You will be like your own dispensary!


5.Many growers, whether they’re licensed commercial growers or not, are still spraying their crops with chemical pesticides and fertilizing with chemical additives which completely defeat the purpose of true natural healing. These chemical pesticides and chemical fertilizing additives that are not high-quality pharmaceutical-grade synthetic nutrients, will get in the way of the pure medicinal effects you’re looking for.The authority on growing high-quality Medical Marijuana for rich, effective CBD content, “Project CBD” has stated that while, “The molecular structure of CBD isn’t affected by fertilizers, the quality of the oil extract can be affected. Any chemical residue from fertilizers in the plant will be extracted and concentrated enough that this could diminish the quality of the oil.”


6.Many people buy Cannabis to improve and maintain their good health and they’re not out to “fix” anything that may have gone wrong with their bodies. To them, Cannabis is just another part of their excellent health regime of making sure they’re getting all their vitamins and minerals through whole natural foods that are grown organically. When you grow your own, you’ll have the choice. You’ll be able to grow “all-organic” with all natural organic plant nutrients, or using high-quality bio-available synthetic nutrients so that the CBDs in your stain of choice will always have the maximum positive effects in your health you’re looking for.


7.An often overlooked point is that growing your own stash of weed is super fun! It is an extremely exciting hobby and passion because there is just so much to learn and try. Think of all the different strains, techniques, growing methods and styles, and equipment that you can experiment with. It is really rewarding to see the results. Getting a new growing method right or cultivating a new delicious variety to its optimum will definitely put a smile on your face. It's not only fun, but you can also be very proud of yourself as well!


8.Are you ready to grow marijuana? If you like we suggest you to choose a indoor grow kits, a complete indoor grow kit will contain cannabis grow tentscannabis grow lights, inline fans for cannabis, carbon filters and some other necessary tool you will need. It can save your time for choosing growing equipments and it is really cheaper than buying separately, the most important thing is the grow package is professional for a beginner.

indoor growpackage
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