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What the scrambler phone is trying to tell us

Enzo Zhong
What the scrambler phone is trying to tell us

The jammer téléphones portable emp&stop, air traffic téléphones to work. They are utilisés in cars, public places and the examination rooms.

The jammers are not new - they have existed for many années, but the use of jammers téléphones mobiles, jammer car, and jammer GSM is increasing rapidly.

jammer 4G

But the téléphones are they really the problème? And the jammer are they really the solution?

I think that the jammers téléphones portables are utilisés such as wound dressings, as the wrong solution for résolve three problèmes de société should &stop;tre résolus, by a much better technology.

Here are the three biggest problèmes jammers téléphones portables try and échouent à résolve, and what I think are the best solutions.

1. The problème «téléphones are dangerous»

A man from Florida by the name of Jason R. Humphreys wanted to save lives, emp&stop, singing the people who dépla&case have day-to-day use in their téléphone at the wheel. Humphreys, therefore, installé a jammer téléphone portable à the arrière du siège a passenger in his SUV. The program has functionné for two years, provided that Humphreys knows this.

As I déjà said in this space, I think that drivers distracted by smartphones would be distracted by something else without smartphones. In other words, smartphones will not cause accidents, humans do.

The horrible réalité, is that human drivers kill an estimated 1,24 million people per year in the world. It is an annual rate and much more élevé that the number of people that die in wars.

The action found erroneousée of Humphreys n'était not the right solution to the problème. What we really need, is to move more quickly to autonomous cars. More t&taxes;t we do it, the more lives will be épargnées.

2. The problème «téléphones are boring»

A man from Chicago namedé Dennis Nicholl has été arr&stop;té rérecently, for having prétendument utilisé a jammer téléphone mobile phone on a commuter train. The police a été informée when photos of the man with the jammer have startedé à circulate online. Après that other commuters have startedé à to speak on their smartphones, Nicholl has released a jammer, a poweredé a switch, and all the téléphones have become silent. The lawyer Nicholl has déclaré that his client only wanted a bit of peace and quiet.

The comédien Dave Chappelle a rérecently, utilisé a product of a société appelée Yondr for réreduce the calls in 13 of his concerts from the comédie à Chicago. Yondr makes a bag lockable and réaid à the radio - a kind of cage of Faraday. On entering the hall, fans of Chappelle were required, as a condition of entry, to put their smartphones in a bag Yondr, which était then lockedé. They have été authorizedés à keep bags, but those who wanted to use their téléphone d&burning; leave the area without téléphone and ask à one of délock the bag Yondr à their output.

Le problème that Nicholl and Chappelle trying to résolve is that the use of smartphones by other people is g&stop, nante and entertaining, respectively.


To silence all the téléphones is not the right solution. The best solution is l'ère next to the computer audible, which I parlé année, lastère. This new génération v&stop, clothes laptop deals all the sounds entering your ears before you can hear them. Using a smartphone app, you can adjust and customize what you hear and what you don't hear. When these écouteurs smart will arrive on the marché for real, Nicholl will be able to produce his own peace and quieté, and Chappelle and his audience, also, can choose to hear only his own humor brighter, the sounds of laughter and applause, someone in the audience discusses grossièsurely the téléphone.

Enzo Zhong
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