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How to Recruit in 2020: 5 Tips for Employers

Ennie Newton
How to Recruit in 2020: 5 Tips for Employers

The recruitment landscape is changing at a fast pace. Your ‘tried and tested’ recruitment strategy that worked like a charm one year back doesn’t today. The tricks that brought in the talent in 2019 is surely not going to be enough for 2020. To survive in a competitive market where the economy and technology are changing faces every day, companies and recruitment agencies need to constantly reinvent themselves. A tough challenge for sure! 

Moreover, the competition for the right talent is no longer limited to the other players in your industry. You are competing against a score of companies across diverse industries.  Recent research by IBM indicates that 90 % of S&P 100 companies are recruiting for the same 37 roles that are in demand. And these 37 jobs constitute 50% of job postings by the S & P 100.  

Tips for Successful Recruitment in 2020 

So how do you handle recruitment in 2020? How can you withstand or maybe even thrive in an intensely competitive atmosphere? Here are 5 helpful tips that will help you find the right talent in a challenging, candidate-driven job market.

1. Engage with Talent through Social Media

In the present day corporate world, where skilled and talented people are in high demand, it is very important for recruiters in companies and recruitment agencies to start engaging with top talent before they attempt to hire them. And social media is an excellent place to find and impress talented people. Research firm Statista reports that

  • 79 % of the US population has a social media profile
  • There were around 244 million social network users in the US in 2018. 
  • By 2023, the number of social network users in the US is predicted to rise to approximately 257 million

These data tell us that social media’s usefulness as a recruitment tool is not going to come down anytime soon. For the Millenials and Generation Z who will constitute the biggest slice of the workforce pie in the coming years, social media is a place where a large part of their lives is played out. So to attract the attention of the right candidates, you must make full use of social media platforms. You can do this by initiating and participating in the right conversations, by creating and sharing high-quality content and by building a community of the people who are interested and experienced in your product or service. 

2.Focus on creating a satisfactory candidate experience

As we all know, the buying experience of a friend or stranger on the internet can influence our buying decisions. Don’t we all rely on reviews to make our every day buying decisions? From the restaurant we eat in, the clothes we buy, and movies we go to, every choice is based on reviews. It is not any different for choosing the places we work.

A positive candidate experience means that the candidate is 37% more likely to accept your job offer. On the other hand, if a candidate has a negative experience at any step of the recruitment process, he will not join you. But what is more worrisome is that by sharing his negative experience on online platforms he will also discourage others from joining you. So every company and recruitment agency must aim at providing a wholesome and satisfactory candidate experience. You can do this through convenient processes, personalized approach, and clearly communicated timelines.

3.Capture Attention with Videos

Today, videos are the most engaging form of content that most social media users prefer to spend time on. Video software company Wistia had reported recently that people spent 2.6 times more time on webpages with videos than on pages without them. So how do you use videos to capture the attention of your potential employees?

  1. Ditch bulleted job descriptions for a video of your hiring manager explaining what the role calls for. According to Monster’s 2019 survey, 80 % of Americans feel that they would understand a job better if they saw a video of a recruiter talking about the role.
  2.  You can use live video options that most Social media platforms offer today to host  Q & A sessions
  3. Make employee video testimonials where employees share the growth prospects and positive aspects of your work culture
  4. Give a behind-the-scenes view of your office, to give prospects a real feel of working there.

4.Leverage Technology as much as you can

When your target candidates are mostly natives of the digital world, it is impossible to succeed in hiring without technology. Even now many recruiters have automated traditional functions in recruitment like screening and interview-scheduling. Interview chatbots are now able to converse with potential candidates, get information from them through open-ended questions, collect documents and resumes, give them a time-frame and schedule interviews. 

Data analytics and Artificial Intelligence are about to change every function in the recruitment process including job advertising. Real-time data analytics can help recruiters narrow down the most ideal time and platform to post job advertisements. The insights from data analytics can also aid recruiters in making better hiring decisions. 

 5.Partner with a Progressive Recruiting Agency

As an individual company, constantly reinventing your recruitment strategies to fit in the changing world can be a tough call. More so, when your brand is not well known. Partnering with a progressive recruitment agency who can handle the vagaries in the recruitment world can be your best bet for successful hiring

Rannsolve Inc is a leading recruitment and staffing agency based in the US that has the forward-looking stance and expertise to help you ace the recruiting game even in challenging market conditions. Rannsolve’s strength lies in its ability to improve its processes in line with the changes in the industry. Contact us today at +1(972) 525-1177  for customized staffing and recruitment solutions that will help you gear up for 2020 and beyond. 

Ennie Newton
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