Have More Fun in Your Shower with these 9 Funny Bluetooth Speakers

David Negip

Taking a shower is part of our daily routine (well, I hope so…). Why not make it a funny and pleasant moment? This selection of funny Bluetooth speakers will bring a little happiness to start your day…

Aomais Emoji Fun Bluetooth Speaker

Already responsible for the excellent Aomais Ball speaker, this time Aomais presents a whole series of fun portable speakers in various shapes and colors. You can easily take it anywhere (not just in your shower!) and hang it anywhere with its clip.

This small device looks like nothing like that but it is a concentrate of technology: it is equipped with Bluetooth 4.2, which guarantees a trouble-free connection up to 10 meters and even has the TWS feature to further simplify the connection and to be able to connect 2 speakers together in order to double the sound power and have a real stereo sound. You can also connect this cool speaker it by wire with a 3.5mm jack cable.

Let’s talk about power: this small box has a 10W amplification, which is quite exceptional for a device of this size.

Of course, it has an integrated microphone, so you can make hands-free phone calls (with a funny voice if you like!).

Its IPX4 certification will not make it afraid of water splashes. You can take it with you everywhere, whether it’s to the beach, the pool or camping!

Zoo Tunes Funny Animals Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Do you love animals as much as music? Adopt a bear, an owl or a panda!

The rechargeable battery will provide you with up to 10 hours of music. You can also connect the speaker via a USB cable.

Bluetooth is obviously present. If you do not wish to use it, an AUX port is provided for connecting a cable.

This small funny speaker only offers 2W of power: you won’t end up deaf!

The control buttons, on the other hand, are reduced to the strict minimum: on/off and volume control. A charging indicator is also present.

The Zoo Tunes cool speakers are available in 6 funny animals: panda, owl, rabbit, kitten, tiger, and bear.

Jamoji Kiss Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The Jamoji speakers and their funny heads will delight children (and their parents). Add a touch of fun to your morning shower!

The sound they offer is not unpleasant at all, even if you will never get a hi-fi quality sound with this kind of small speaker…

The Jamoji speakers are of course Bluetooth for wireless connection with your smartphone or tablet, and this over a range of 10 meters. An auxiliary port is provided if you do not want to use Bluetooth to connect to your music source.

You can also make phone calls without hands thanks to their built-in microphone.

Once recharged, the Jamoji will give you an autonomy of 6 hours.

My Audio Pet Mini Fun Bluetooth Animal Speaker

Why bother with a boring Bluetooth speaker when it can be fun? This is what the My Audio Pet speaker range of products offers.

Available in 14 different cute models (unicorn, frog, cat, bee, chick, monkey, goldfish, cow, blue owl, brown owl, pig, panda, dog, baby seal), they will make you crack!

The sound is really good quality (3W of power), especially considering the very small size of that cool device, which is barely bigger than a golf ball.

They are equipped with the latest version of Bluetooth (4.2) and offer TWS functionality to connect 2 My Audio Pets together and enjoy true stereo sound.

The 500mAh rechargeable battery will provide you with several hours of uninterrupted music.

To prolong the fun, an interactive app is also available to play with your Audio Pets.

Accessories are also included: the speakers are delivered with a charging cable and a carrying strap.

And to top it all off, these little animals have been rewarded with the best design and functionality by the National Association of Parenting Products!

Rittle Whale Shark Cute Mini Bluetooth Speaker

What could be more normal than having a shark whale shaped speaker in your bathroom? In addition to being very cute, this whale (or shark?) still has an output power of 3W, enough to sound your shower or bathroom with a pleasant and precise sound.

You can, of course, connect it in Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet and take pictures remotely with its selfie function.

Its rechargeable battery gives it an autonomy of approximately 3 hours: that’s much more than you’ll need for your bath! Note that the USB cable is provided. The complete charging time is about 1 hour. A small light on the bottom of the unit indicates the charging status.

Its compact size (3.5 X 2.5 X 3.5 X 3.5 inches) and lightweight (approx. 40gr.) will allow you to place it anywhere, or even hang it up with its supplied strap.

Of course, like almost all Bluetooth speakers, you will have an integrated microphone so you can make phone calls without your hands.

This little funny whale is definitely very cute and offers a very complete range of features!

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David Negip
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