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investment banking course in hyderabad

srini ss
investment banking course in hyderabad

Investment banking career options and paths


Investment banking course in hyderabad is one among the fast-growing careers round the world. So, people that are investment bankers will surely have a demanding career, there's little question therein . Here are the a number of the positions and career paths a peer can choose after through with investment banking course. 

  1.   Investment banker:

Investment banker is one among the foremost selected paths among investment banking passed outs. The career of an underwriter will grow along a good standard path from junior to senior. 



Account manager



Managing director

 a number of the banks may have different positions representing their hierarchy. If you're not through with your graduation yet and applying for a bank job with the aim of landing in bank analyst, do well, stay consistent and have an interest in staying with an equivalent bank. Because you would possibly get promoted on to Investment banking associate. 

  1. Investment banking analyst:

Mostly these are the people that are undergraduates and yet take part a Investment bank for a two year intern program.

After two years of working, top performing analysts are promoted for third year then on to associate. Analysts are the beginner of hierarchy chain of Investment banking and that they affect majority of the work. the first tasks of analyst are presentations, analysis and administrative. 

Analyst spend tons of your time preparing the ppt’s called pitch books. These ppts are helpful to the clients. It requires tons of patience. Another most vital task of the analyst is analytical work. These people are expected to perform ahead of clients using their reports which were made by them. The third main task is administrative work. like Scheduling the daily work and fixing the conference calls and meetings arranging the travel schedule and lots of more things. Because it gives you an opportunity to feel how your client exactly feels and check out to win their business. 


  1. Investment banking associate: 

These people are usually recruited directly by MBA programs or analysts who were promoted. To be frank Most of the bankers are going to be at the associative position before they're promoted as vice chairman . These associates are classified into three types 

First year or class 5 

Second year or class 6

Third year or class 7

The number of years that takes to urge promotes because the vice chairman is totally depends on the bank. It might be quite three years if there's no need for the new vice chairman for the bank.

The associate should make a choice to remain at this working bank or to go away the bank and await other opportunities. The role of an associate is as similar because the analyst role but with a much bigger responsibility. 

  1. The senior bankers:

The primary task of the senior banker is to take care of a healthy relationship. aside from maintaining good relationships they also tend to anticipate a number of the important deals within the banking sector. They mainly anticipate in deals like, economic environments shift and when there's a requirement to boost the capital. By fulfilling such needs, they're most liable for bank development and growth.


Investment banking provides a various amount of opportunities for the sincere peers. An ocean of opportunities. So choosing a career in investment banking career can never be a worst option but you would like to face challenges and be consistent by developing the specified skills for the market and you're the king.

srini ss
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