Important CyberSecurity Facts for Online Business

Chris Greenwalty

The essential measures that businessmen take to protect from the criminals or unauthorized use of the data are known as cybersecurity. Nowadays, the cybersecurity industry is growing at a faster rate because the businessmen need lots of resources to deploy themselves from the cyber attacks. It is estimated that in 2019, the cybersecurity business was up to $167 billion. Instead of these resources, we are still facing lots of cyberattacks. If you are running an online business or you are thinking about the online business, you should know about important cybersecurity facts. These facts are given below;

Small Businesses Are Easy To Attack The Hackers:

Most of the small business owners think that hackers will not attack them because hackers try to attack big businesses only. Due to this reason, small businesses become an easy target of hackers. According to research, it is also estimated that small businesses spend less than $500 on cybersecurity. As a result, these small businesses become an easy victim of the hackers and hackers can easily steal the private information of their customers. According to the report of Cybint, in 2019, almost 60% of small companies have to face cybersecurity attacks.

An Estimation of $6 Trillion Damage until 2021:

Forbes has published a report on his website. The main point of this report is that till 2021, due to the cyber attacks, the businesses have to face $6 trillion damage. In this report, Forbes has also explained that this damage is greater than the annual damage due to disasters. Moreover, this damage will also be larger than the trade of illegal drugs in all around the world. Its reason is that it is easy for hackers to hide their identity and attack on businesses. Therefore, if you want to save your business from these kinds of attacks, you will have to enable secure VPN services in your business.

Illegal Activities in Bitcoin:

Bitcoin is providing the anonymous, safe and quick money transfer services for the users. Moreover, this kind of digital system is also free from the artificial regularized currency rates from the governments. Now, the problem is that Bitcoin has to face lots of cyberattacks. Its reason is that Bitcoin is providing anonymous services to the users and due to the anonymous services of Bitcoin, it has become an easy victim of the criminals. According to a report, it is estimated that Bitcoin currency is involved in the illegal trade of drugs. For this reason, the University of Sydney has also presented its report. According to its report, it is estimated that in the US and Europe, almost $76 billion trade of illegal drugs has been done through Bitcoin.

Reported Cyber Crimes In The US:

As we know that the US is known as the hub of technology and it is also considered that the US has impressive law and enforcement situations. If we take an overview of the reported cybercrimes in the US, we will be shocked because only 10% of the cyber crimes are reported in the US. Its reason is that it is not easy for the victims to prove these cybercrimes. Moreover, after reporting the crimes, we require legal help and in the case of cybercrimes, it is also difficult for us to get legal help.

Ransomware Attacks:

According to a dissertation writing service, it is a fact that the users of social media are increasing day by day and it is estimated that after every 15 seconds, someone joins a social media site. It is also estimated that after every 14 seconds; a businessman in the world has to face a ransomware attack. It means that these cyber attacks are taking place at a faster rate. Therefore, before starting any kind of online business, we should consider about these cyber attacks. Its reason is that if our online business is free from these cyberattacks, we will be able to grow our business.

It Is Easy To Become A Hacker:

Most of the businessmen think that in order to become a hacker, there requires lots of knowledge and they have to spend a huge amount to become an expert in this field. It is a wrong belief because there are lots of hacking tools kits and software are available on the internet. Most of the software are available in just 1$. It means that a person can easily become a hacker just by spending 1$. There are also some third-party apps on the internet that are involved in hacking. By using these apps, it is easy for hackers to steal the private information of the users.

Chris Greenwalty
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