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What to do when children don't want to sleep at night?

Archie Heron
What to do when children don't want to sleep at night?

While we sleep, we rest and gain strength to act. After a night without the recommended amount of sleep, one feels tired and depressed. Meanwhile, after a good night's sleep, he feels crisp and full of energy. No wonder that it is so important for parents that their child sleeps at night. It affects the life of the whole family.

If a child does not sleep at night

Don't turn on the light. Try never to talk to the child or absorb it.

Clothing in which the child falls asleep plays a very important role. Make sure that it is comfortable and good quality clothing. The clothes for children that you buy in the shop should be described in terms of their composition. So it is worth checking it before making a purchase. Basically, the more cotton in the raw material composition, the better. Original children's pyjamas are mostly made of pure cotton, but it is worth making sure.

When buying baby pyjamas, you can also test your baby's ease of changing, so that it goes quickly and smoothly.

If your baby needs to be changed, try to do so with the least fuss.

Teach your child not to eat or drink to fall asleep and not to eat at night. This may seem a little difficult, but this is the first step towards teaching your child that he or she should sleep at night.

If your baby cries unexpectedly, make sure he is not sick. Sometimes it just needs a sense of closeness. In this case, enter the room to give him a sense of security, but don't absorb his attention.

If this doesn't work you can give your baby a drink of water. Water has two functions. It confirms that the child should not eat at night, but it also quenches thirst.

A stubbornly crying baby should feel that he is not left alone. However, this does not necessarily mean that you have to feed or play with it.

Remember that at night your baby is supposed to be bored, so don't do anything to revive him.

Should the child sleep in its parents' bed?

Whether or not your child can sleep with his parents depends solely on the attitude of the parents.

Some people feel that this is harmful and interferes with their intimate time together.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is also more likely to occur when children sleep with their parents, so it should not be recommended.

A compromise would be to put the baby's bed in the parents' room. This way the child will be close to the parents without being in their bed.

Parents should remember that bringing up their children is not a contest just for their welfare, so they should do what they think is right for them and their children. What is acceptable and "normal" for one family need not be the same for others.

Do all children sleep at night?

Most children get used to it relatively quickly. On the other hand, some children cannot sleep all night, no matter what their parents do.

So if you are worried that your child is having trouble sleeping, ask your doctor or nurse for advice.

Archie Heron
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