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Having Issues in Setting Amazon Alexa Echo? Try These Quick Fixes


Are you facing issues while setting up your Amazon Alexa Echo? If yes, then you have landed at the right place. In his post, we will guide you with some important tips to make sure Amazon device up and running. Read on.


Note: For the Alexa setup process, make sure you have installed the Alexa app. If not, download Alexa app now.

Download Alexa app, install it and plug-in your Amazon Alexa Echo

  1. Download and install the Alexa app.

  2. Plug your Amazon Alexa Echo into an electric socket.

  3. Wait for a couple of minutes for the LEDs on your device to become blue.

Open the Alexa App and Sign in to your Amazon account

  1. Open the Alexa app you just downloaded.

  2. Sign in to your Amazon account.

  3. Enter the login credentials.

Wait for the Orange Light on your Amazon Alexa Echo

  1. Connect your Amazon Alexa Echo to your existing WiFi.

  2. Wait for the Orange LED light on your device.

  3. Click on the Continue button.

Now, you'll be redirected to the Echo screen. This step is important to follow. What you have to do is to leave the Alexa app and pull up the WiFi Settings on your device (computer, laptop, or smartphone). Then, under WiFi connections, you might see a new WiFi connection name “Amazon-xxx” (without quotes), where 'x' can be any digit.

Click on the WiFi connection to connect. As soon as you click on the connection, your Echo device will say her first words that you are connected successfully. But hold on! That’s not the end of the story.

As soon as you connect the Echo device to the WiFi connection, you'll receive a notification saying no Internet access on Android. To fix this, what you have to do, click on Yes from the pop-up menu. This step is also very crucial.

Once you click on Yes, go back to the Alexa app and you will be connected. Click on the Continue button after that.

Connect to your home WiFi

  1. Select your existing WiFi network.

  2. Enter your WiFi password.

  3. Click on the Connect button.

Your Echo device will finish the setup process. You'll be notified on the next screen that the setup process is completed successfully. Finally, click on the Continue button.

Set up Amazon Alexa Echo from the website

If the Alexa app doesn't help to set up your device, try setting it up from the website instead of the application.

  1. What you have to do is to open a PC, laptop, or a mobile device.

  2. Type alexa.amazon.com in the browser's address bar.

  3. Enter the Amazon login credentials and follow the on-screen instructions.

That's it. Your Amazon Alexa Echo has been set up successfully without any hindrance.


If you follow the above-mentioned steps carefully, hopefully, Amazon Alexa Echo will work perfectly fine. If you're still facing issues, follow these fixes. In case of any issues, dial our toll-free number 1-855-574-2766 and ask our technicians for Alexa support.


Herbet Winter
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