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Self Driving Cars Pros and Cons | Negatives of Self Driving Cars

Steve Tackett
Self Driving Cars Pros and Cons | Negatives of Self Driving Cars

Self-driving cars will make a huge impact on the future of the automobile industry. The introduction of autonomous cars will create an effect on the future of the transport system. American’s do not easily trust the changes in technology as they need solid assurance it wouldn’t have any consequences in the long run.

We don’t know the outcomes of self-driving cars till the time we see them running on roads. The technology has merged with the concept of self-driving cars and these updates seem like more of a futuristic movie.

We’ve rolled down the list of pros and cons of self-driving cars before they hit the road.


● Lesser time for the commute

Self-driving cars tend to sense other cars around also communicate with them, tackle the heavy traffic too. The automatic braking function deal with the crashes also they maintain the proper distance of other cars. It also decreased the chances of vehicle crashing and increasing in the speed limits.

● Contributes to a healthier environment

The automotive industry taking steps towards the use of electric vehicles instead of hybrid and fuel vehicles with combustion engines. The electric vehicle leads to lessen the emissions which is released in the atmosphere. The high speed, maximum acceleration, and braking release a large number of emissions from the car. The self-driving cars travel on constant speed and distance from other cars which implies no excessive braking and acceleration.

● Social welfare

The fatal we face on roads is the creation of human being such as high speed, drink driving and other distractions which leads to killing 1.3 million people across the world. The elimination of driving controls from humans, autonomous vehicles remove human error.

● Economic boon

The self-driving cars are fully united with the transport system with a major economic benefit. It has lessened the road crashes which save the lives and millions of dollars in the country each year.

● Best for people with disability

With the help of self-driving the people with mobility due to their age and disability. It will eliminate the need for driver’s licenses and people can fully use the driver assistance technology to fight the danger also run their errands.

● A perfect alternative for those who don’t like driving

Not everyone loves driving but to run errands they’ve to drive cars. The daily commute to and from work and other works leads to spent a part of life in the car.  With self-driving cars, you can be multi-tasking i.e. sleeping, watching TV and doing other works too.


● Loss of employment

There are people who’s living in based on operating transport vehicles. With the launch of the self-driving car, it replaces human control which leads to the loss of jobs for thousands of people. People who drive Uber, taxi and delivery person would face a hard time with their employment going into vain.

● Give rise to more expenses

With the launch of newer technology, it will take time to develop and their cost will be reaching the heights. It won’t be possible for everyone to invest in the self-driving vehicles it would take time to make it affordable for everyone

● Invade of hackers in the system

Same as computers and laptops the self-driving’s are programmed to run in a specified way but it has certain risk associated i.e. hacking or crashing of the vehicle due to some error and glitches. Nobody holds the right to control the hacker which leads to reprogramming of vehicle to perform numerous things.

● Increase of vehicle on roads

Driverless vehicle give rise to more vehicles as people who don’t driver can acquire one and enjoy the drive. People are getting an opportunity to drive which means the number of vehicles on roads will heavily increase.

● Disappointment for those who love driving

If all the vehicles will come as automated what people will do who love driving like crazy? People will miss their activity to drive which gives rise to huge disappointment.



Steve Tackett
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