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Directly what's amazingly wonderful is that they don't charge anything for all stores and withdrawals that are happening on the site. This infers their stores and withdrawals are FREE of charge. Regardless of the way that they explained that they don't bear bank charges anyway they don't charge any trades going all through the site. This is remarkable, given the way that they charge really raised maker/taker costs! Scrutinize continuously about it here.


Customer support


Because of our association with exchange site reviews, we found that most issues begin from their customer care. There are different destinations that get horrendous overviews considering the way that their customer help bunch didn't give appropriate objectives to their issues. Most of these fights we've seen started from locales that simply have email sponsorship to back their destinations up.


The issue with email support is that operators would take days to tunnel through their line and resolve issues. At the point when they locate a decent pace, it's at present settled or you couldn't mind less to hit them up any more, which prompts losing customers.


Here at Bitcoin Gemini, they have a Zendesk email system that everyone can find a workable pace. Do they respond snappy? We do not understand. If you parents have sent them an email through this system, sympathetically let us know in the comment region underneath.


Reinforced Payment Methods


Wire Transfer


Reinforced Countries


Puerto Rico






Hong Kong




South Korea




Joined Kingdom


Focal points and impediments




Sandbox account


Normal site


No store/withdrawal costs




Crazy record creation (obliged countries recognized)


High trading costs


Needs more incorporation (countries recognized)


Gemini Review Conclusion


Regardless of the way that we most likely won't have endeavored their veritable trading stage, the study was staggering. We locate a decent pace sandbox site and got a survey of how things are being played out. Their site is characteristic and easy to use. Their charges likely won't be uncommon, yet this can improve after some time. With everything considered, a phenomenal site maintained up by twins that think BTC is the accompanying gigantic thing after Facebook!


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11 User-Reviews for Bitcoin Gemini


Jak, 23. February 2020


Unpleasant establishment, loathsome customer care. Stores take 8 days to clear, most ideal situation. I can't even withdrawal crypto I purchased 2 MONTHS AGO!! I figure Gemini might be exit duping. In any occasion they're using dark vital methodologies at their customers cost. Keep up a key good ways from AT ALL COST!!!!


Jeff, 6. November 2019


I opened and sponsored my record as it had all the reserves of being a keen idea. That I was so misguided to put trust into a dark substance.


Inside seven days of financing my record, I got an email that I expected to close my record. I asked what the issue was. They said that they were'nt allowed to discuss their study system. I inquired as to whether there was something I could do. Nothing had any kind of effect and no clarification given.


I can't trust in any association that works in such riddle. I don't have the foggiest idea why some other individual would. My other bitcoin accounts function admirably for me. I propose Coinbase or Binance.


Johnathan, 28. September 2019


I had 5 bitcoins and when I store my money they took it from my Gemini account. They kept taking $500 until I put money into bitcoin so they can't take any of my money. They kept taking my money from my Gemini account until I have - 999.99 and I have 5.3587 bitcoins. Idk why they took $4,500 from my Gemini account when I was endeavoring to get my money from my bank to my record. So I lost 4K from them and they never again gives me $500 for stores.


Marcus Johnson, 12. September 2019


I continued using the ACH and a message said that it would take 5 days. I am in the USA and it has been 5 days and I can simply trade with the money that I spared, and no withdrawals. I would esteem knowing whether there is an issue with the affirmation, and having the choice to speak with a certifiable individual instead of email.



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