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10 Best Sandbox Games You Need To Play

Rita Lee
10 Best Sandbox Games You Need To Play


It is unlikely that at least one gamer who reads this article does not know the world's most popular sandbox, Minecraft. And yet, let us remind you of the advantages of this ingenious game: it gives you the ability to build any architecture, statues, mechanisms or pixel art from cubes. In this game, enthusiasts have recreated many famous landmarks like the Taj Mahal, fantasy buildings like King's Harbor from Game of Thrones, and even incredible things like a working computer. But if you don't have the patience to create something similarly large-scale, then you can simply enjoy exploring the world, building your dream house or overcoming obstacles in survival mode.


Realmcraft has the same creative possibilities as Minecraft, plus smoother graphics and realistic player models, and is completely free to play. Survival and creative modes are the same as in Minecraft, and in addition there is a Worlds mode, where you can travel through 30 unique worlds with pre-prepared architecture. If you enter the same world with a friend, you can build together (which is much more fun and efficient). There are also three different interesting mini-games (egg wars, bed wars, snow fights), in which you can meet other players in real time and fight each other.

Just Cause 4

In Just Cause 4, your character Rico Rodriguez travels to the fictional South American country of Solis to fight the Black Hand members who brought a brutal dictator to power. The warriors of this organization are strong and well-armed, and they are controlled by a cold-blooded woman, Gabriella Morales. Just Cause 4 is not an ordinary story-driven action movie, here you will freely control an army and survive in an open world with harsh weather conditions (blizzard, tornado). You can destroy and blow up any objects, as well as make many crazy things that the advanced physics of the game allows. For example, you can tie balloons to a tank to change the trajectory of fire.

No Man's Sky

A sci-fi sandbox where you will explore distant procedurally generated planets where all creatures, flora and fauna are also procedurally generated. There is a certain goal of the game that you can fulfill at your discretion: to get to the center of the universe, and unravel the secrets of this world. In general, here you will have to do the same thing as in other sandboxes with elements of survival: explore the space, collect resources, fight monsters and improve your weapons. There is also a multiplayer mode in which you can cooperate or wage interplanetary wars with other players.

The Sims 4

The Sims 4 is a well-known life simulator in which you can create any character you want, think over his appearance and clothing style to the smallest detail, and then manage his life. You will decide whether to fulfill or ignore the wishes of your character, choose whether to be friends or quarrel with neighbors, decide what work to go to and how to spend leisure time, flirt and start a family with other characters, develop various useful skills, etc. All the features that are in The Sims 4 are difficult to list, because they are almost as diverse as in real life. The only thing is that The Sims 4, unlike The Sims 3, does not have an open world, so many fans prefer the previous part.

Dwarf Fortress

This is a sandbox of the roguelike genre in which you will build your fortress and defend it from enemies. But you will not build a fortress yourself, but by managing a colony of dwarves. Accordingly, you need to ensure that the dwarves always have food and resources. But it should be warned that failure is inevitable, since there are a lot of unexpected misfortunes in this world that can ultimately ruin all your efforts. Therefore, Dwarf Fortress is more suitable for experienced gamers with strong nerves. In addition, many are scared off by a too schematic, unintuitive university. But on the other hand, this game easily generates very funny stories: for example, a character can be bitten by a crazy frog, and the castle can be captured by badgers.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

One of the best Nintendo exclusives that will take you to an open fantasy world where there are no specific instructions on what to do, so you will search for interesting places and quests on your own. The main character is an elf named Link, who slept for 100 years and lost the memory of past events. And when he woke up, he learned that a huge monster Ganon attacked his world of Hyrule. So far, Princess Zelda has managed to hold back the monster, but her energy is at the limit. Link will need to restore his memory by traveling through Hyrule and rediscovering it, and then grow stronger and fight evil. There are also realistic elements of survival: the hero must choose clothes for the weather, hide metal equipment during a thunderstorm, cook food and even take care of a horse.

Hitman 2

A new part of the game about the legendary killer. Here you will have many exciting missions in stunningly beautiful locations. The main advantage of the Hitman 2 series is that there are no strict rules on how you should commit a contract kill. You can disguise him as an accident like a real pro, or arrange shooting. For the murder, you can use almost all available means that you can find. Also, exploring the streets of the city, you can eavesdrop on conversations, which can give you a lot of useful information. In addition, often you will need to disguise yourself as staff or certain individuals in order to gain access to the desired location.


The iconic 2D sandbox that will give you the freedom to become the author of your own adventure, during which you will explore countless dungeons, kill countless mobs and their bosses, try to equip your comfortable home and populate it with useful NPCs. There are also many opportunities for crafting, as there are over 3500 different items in the game. You can choose the difficulty modes: in easy mode, in case of death, coins disappear from your inventory, in medium mode, all the contents of your inventory disappear, and in hard mode, your character turns into a ghost, and after exiting the game, he is removed. There is also multiplayer, so you can survive and build with a friend.

Grand Theft Auto 5

In this part of the legendary criminal sandbox GTA there will be not one main character, but as many as three, between which you can switch. Each of the three characters has their own superpowers: the first slows down time during car chases, the second slows down time during shootouts, and in the third, a “berserker” awakens during the battle, which multiplies the damage. The game's plot is set in 2013 in Los Santos (a city known from the San Andreas part). It all starts with the fact that two friends and a robber Trevor and Michael meet again. They are set to steal $ 2 million from the US federal vault. And in this part there can be as many as three different endings, which was not in the previous parts. As before, you can freely walk around the city, rob and kill passers-by, steal cars, etc.

Rita Lee
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